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  • yankeedoodles   8 reviews
    I bought 4 new tyres for the family forester and have not been very happy with them at all. Besides that the experience there was not very friendly, just all running around like headless chickens with no idea of whose car belongs to who. Their prices are not very competitive so shop around cause you will most likely find it cheaper. Seems like a genuine family operation but I was not all happy with the service or experience. I do not recommend at all and vote with your wallet and try a different tyre shop.

    1 day ago - 16/09/2014

  • teshiggins Newbie   1 review
    Is a very rare thing for me to leave reviews, but I really feel that I should share my story to potentially save you a similar experience. Needed four tires replaced, so went to jax haberfield. Everything started out fine, with the sales staff offering some advice and seeming genuine. We agreed on some tires and I headed off and let them get to work. On return I was informed that one of my tire screws had accidentally been snapped off in the process of replacing a tire. The management was very apologetic and informed me that once they ordered in the part they would happily replace it for me. A slight hassle but obviously these things happen. After finally getting the day off work to go back to get it fixed, I was greeted by the same management who told me to leave my car for an hour so they could fix it. I did so, and on return was informed by another employee that I had to pay for the completed repair. When informing them of the situation their story started to change, and I was told that the broken tire screw was actually my fault. I calmly said that I didn't think this was a fair statement, and after some condescending responses, I was told that I wouldn't have to pay, as long as I knew that this whole debacle wasn't the fault of jax (making it my fault?) I left feeling confused and annoyed about the whole experience So while I did end up with four new tires for the price I agreed on, I would recommend avoiding this place.
    • JAX Tyres Newbie 
      Good Morning teshiggins. JAX Haberfield understand where the communication may have broken down and will work to improve this in the future. They also note your comments around how you felt the situation was handled. Customer service is a key priority for JAX Haberfield, in addition to safety. We understand that the wheel stud broke due to cross threading from work completed elsewhere and the solution was then provided including a new stud. Comments such as 'looking after' the wheel stud could have been interpreted as a free job rather than a good price so the team will be more direct next time. Glad to hear your service is completed and the wheel nut is no longer cross threaded, having been replaced for free. Regards ^ JAX Tyres

      1 day ago - 16/09/2014

  • Swapna Chi Newbie   1 review
    Brilliant customer service. Very fast and perfect. Finished changing tyres in minutes.

    8 months ago - 16/01/2014

  • Regina Wor   2 reviews
    I have received nothing but poor customer service. I have inquired not once but several times regarding having work done on my Yaris, to which they have not ever returned my calls, even after saying they would get a price and do so.
    When I called asking why I had not heard back, I was abused over the phone.
    I am not taken seriously when I speak about mechanical issues.
    I will never give any JAX franchise, business of mine again.
    And I have never had a coffee nor been offered one at any time I have been there.
    It's the little things that count. My Yaris is little. Learn that Jax.
  • Huss 123   2 reviews
    Great customer service. It was the day after Boxing day, the garage was packed and was in and out in appox 15 minutes.
  • PippaW Newbie   1 review
    Brilliant service, completely professional and friendly over the phone and in person. I got a great price and they even make a nice coffee! Keep up the good work guys. It's much appreciated.
  • Rachael.M Newbie   1 review
    Absolutely amazing customer service, I go there with any problems i have and they're always very helpful and even give me a lift home when its a "over night" job. I wouldn't take me car anywhere else!


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