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  • ashleyranga91 Newbie   1 review
    Jax Wholesale

    Disappointed is one word...But I'd have to say Disgusted, or even fricken "insert any inappropriate name you could think of".

    I asked the dealer if the heater worked...and I got a lovely "yes".

    It wasn't till I got home and noticed the floor wet, I took in to consideration that maybe the window was left down by accident..and spent a few days drying it out...only to notice that it was wet again, not just wet soaked...a lovely large amount of money to get that fixed! Not only that but only a week after purchasing the engine light went on.

    For a person that said they have trust in their cars that they sell! What a joke.

    I hope that the person that sold me this car can't sleep at night.

    3 years worth of savings down the drain....I now have a unreliable car, I can't get to my volunteer job and no way of getting my son to his occasional care, as I don't have a partner with a care....I'm just a silly single mum that put to much TRUST in a sales person

    I should have walked out of that car yard when I was looking at a different car and noticed it had a oil leak...which they quite frankly said.."if people don't notice it they don't have to fix it".

    I wouldn't trust the person with a bar of soap. I hope someone else reads this an it stops them buying a piece of s**t...pretty on the outside...but a bucket of s**t on the inside!

    2 months ago - 17/07/2014

    • JESS06 Newbie 
      Thank you for your honest review i was seriously looking at buying a car from this dealer but now im not going to waste my time.

      1 month ago - 25/07/2014

  • annon94 Newbie   1 review
    Very disappointed!! Recently brought a car from jax wholesales and got told the car was strong and reliable, brung it home and took it to get a service and got told by the mechanic who serviced the car we will be paying more to get the car fixed than what we paid for the car. Rang the car dealer ship up and said that they sold us this car that will get defected as soon as we get pulled over and all they said was sorry I cant help you. Just a heads up if youre going to buy a car from here make sure you know your cars...

    11 months ago - 03/10/2013

    • NMAN Newbie 
      What can you expect buying a car for $2 or $3000, they all need heaps of maintenance items, big difference from being WORN OR WORN OUT.
      Do your own homework before buying anything, don't blame the seller if you make a mistake

      3 months ago - 20/06/2014


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