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Reviews of Jax Wholesale Cars

  • don't take the Car whole seller word or promises without in writing letter signed from them. they lied to me as they promised me to fix the air condition for the car i took and after when was the issue to do with the compressor and more expensive they refused to fix for me and they asked me to buy it my self and even they said i have to pay for the compressor installation.
  • Went to this car yard as our son was seriously interested in buying a car for his girlfriend. Sales staff started us off on the wrong foot. We pulled it and they walked out of their office saying I can't Park in their empty driveway, and had to move my Ute down the road out the way, so they could then move a car in pointlessly that was parked just outside, and then stand there for 15 minutes not doing anything.. I know it's petty, but gotta say it was a d**k move. Then as I got s****y and said u couldn't wait 5 minutes while I look and then got in my car to move it. Followed by that, I witnessed the worst cover up car ever, oil leaks everywhere but a clean motor. Painted carpets as I could see paint on coloured plugs, dash cluster loose (from tampering), firewall falling apart and broken, electrics freshly taped up and covered over, loose wires hanging under both sides of the dash, rims painted black to look nice but sprayed with a can on the car which would peel off within 6 weeks, carpet not sitting right, door spacings not right from accident, engine rattled, I feel sorry for whoever buys this car, beware.
  • Very disappointed!! Recently brought a car from jax wholesales and got told the car was strong and reliable, brung it home and took it to get a service and got told by the mechanic who serviced the car we will be paying more to get the car fixed than what we paid for the car. Rang the car dealer ship up and said that they sold us this car that will get defected as soon as we get pulled over and all they said was sorry I cant help you. Just a heads up if youre going to buy a car from here make sure you know your cars...

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