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JB Hi-Fi
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Reviews of JB Hi-Fi

  • Wasteland Local Star 244 reviews
    I frequently visit this JB Hi-Fi mainly for music that I cannot find in other retailers. They usually have new albums in stock and they can always order it in if it's not available.

    They also have a great range of DVDs, computers and games and consoles.

    The staff at this particular store are quite helpful as well.

  • bargn$hopa Local Star 224 reviews
    Attended many JBHIFI stores over the years and each time I go into one, the service has always been welcoming. This store in particular is close to my workplace, so visit here normally during lunch breaks or after work.

    Staff here have been good and they tend to know the local office people crowd too. Knowing that people are on lunch breaks, quick to find out their needs and help them with a purchase. Cannot fault this store. Always been a pleasure coming here.
  • Double check the price tags on stock. I picked up something which was 99 but had an 'old' price of 79 on it.
  • One sales staff on weekend was useless. Other than the staff, the store was ok.
  • Diane R Local Star 634 reviews
    I love having a JB HiFi store actually inside Westfield Parramatta. We use to have one at Centro (Bankstown) but they moved out, so, it's nice to know that I can pop over to westfield, park right in the center, shop at JB HiFi and any other stores all in the one place! I love their DVD section, and I got a great deal recently on a boxed set :-) Not only were they the only store actually STOCKING IT, the price was below the RRP, so I was very happy! The store is well layed out, everything is easy to find, and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable :-)
  • Very helpfull store .I could not find a twin pack telstra coldless phone
    in their westfeild store & the church st & smith st store agreed to sell it to me at the same price i was given at their westfeild store
    which was almost below cost as i had barter the price down & the
    Person who severed me took my word for it ( yes i was telling him the truth) Once again Highly Recommened & i would use this store again
  • Diane R Local Star 634 reviews
    I love the store, they always have great bargains running, and it's not just for CD's and DVD's they have electrical goods, car audio etc. They have the latest and stock far more than the normal stores do. I often pick up bargains less than half what other stores sell for. Well worth the trip.
  • SashaU Area Expert 65 reviews
    A good place to get CDs and DVDs for a reasonable price. They have a huge range of both new and old stuff as well as general electrical (tvs, stereos, etc). They always have specials on (at the moment they have buy 2 specially marked tv series and get 1 free). I also like checking out the DVD bargain bins - you can often find some good bargains, particularly with music/concert DVDs. They have moved to around the corner and their new address is now Level 1, 37 - 39 George Street Parramatta
  • I've been visiting this store since it opened. Great bargains!
  • I remember back in the day when there was only one JB Hi-Fi... and this was it. Seems like such a long time ago now that I had to take the long journey to Parramatta to pick up imported music albums that no other store would have. They are still doing what they do best but now with locations all over the place. One of my favourite stores of all time in Australia. Where the JB phenomena all began. Visit this one purely for the heritage value.

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