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JB Hi-Fi
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Reviews of JB Hi-Fi

  • JBHIFI Brookvale is generally hectic, but the staff are usually okay.

    However as of Jan 2014 it seems they have cut there staff to the bone. I initially waited half an hour to talk to a salesperson but left.

    I came back and waited a further 50 minutes. The staff on the counter told me which salesperson to speak to as did a management staff, no one else it seems could help me. So I waited all that time.

    I finally got the salesperson's attention and was discussing the product I was interested in and the salesperson starts to get all uppity and high and mighty with me telling me what a good bargain I was getting on an ex demo sound system that had been on display for over eight months. The salesperson agreed the unit was in very poor condition and probably had been abused over the eight months. The salesperson tried to play the unit but it was all over the place and after a few minutes of trying to plug it in I gave up. But I was really annoyed I had waited fifty minutes to be spoken to like that. I also noticed in the fifty minutes I was in the shop that it was total chaos, I was not the only one waiting to speak to a salesperson. The staff at the cashier told me they were understaffed and it was really bad today. I suppose they are lucky it is JBHIFI otherwise they would go out of business treating customers like that.

    I will look online more often now but not at JBHIFI online.
  • I've had a couple of good shopping experiences at earrings mall JB, but also a few bad ones. As with most of the stores in this chain, it really depends on the staff member you get served by. One young guy was really helpful without being pushy, another must have been fresh out of "sales school", overbearing and fake. I prefer my sales people to be people.
  • Impossible to call the Warringah Mall store on a Thurs mid-afternoon to get info if an item is in stock or can be ordered. I was transferred about 5 times - every 45 seconds or so - and had to keep re-explaining to new people, despite knowing the exact brand, make and item I needed. A collosal waste of time, terrible phone system (instead of being on hold, it would beep so others would pick up anywhere in the store) and terrible pass-the-buck cust srvc personnel. Calling is a complete waste of time and an unnecessary aggravation. JB is mistakenly listed as providing automobile stereo parts and equipment but is unable to provide the service necessary to do so. Terrible.
  • mumsrite Local Star 233 reviews
    I've shopped at JB HIFI Brookvale many times and I've never been let down. Staff are always happy to assist and try hard to please. As far as I can remember, I've always left the store happy. Thumbs up!!!

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