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Reviews of Jb Hi-fi

  • I went to JB HIFI today with a Beats Pill speaker that had packed it in . Searched the house for a receipt on luck. Spoke to Richard in the store & was Very happy with the outcome. After giving him a few details on when about i brought the speaker he quickly looked it up & told me i was within the time limits to get a replacement speaker. WIN.. Thank You .
  • Yesterday I went into the JB Hi Fi store at Capalaba for the sole intention of purchasing a specific head unit as a gift for my brother. I was hoping to be in and out within a few minutes but unfortunately I was assisted by the staff. They told me that they had heaps of them in stock and I told them I'll take it. It was at this point that things took a turn. It was 'up sell' time. After realizing I did not want any installation, extra speakers or extended warranty they turned their back on me to go get their ladder but on the way began to serve another customer. I started to pace around thinking this isn't right, first come first serve mate. I walked around the car audio section and when I look up, the staff on the phone talking to someone about an installation job which in all wasted about 10 minutes of my time. I might add that I am the only one in the entire car audio section for this 10 minutes. I could see the box of the head unit just three rungs of a ladder out of reach which just added insult to injury. I asked another staff if they could help me out but they told me to "just wait till the first staff get off the phone" and that "they're probably just calling dispatch". "No" i said, "I'm not they are". I knew this for a fact considering the item I wanted was about a meter out of reach. They told me to "just hang around, they won't be long". the other staff then turn and walk to their desk. I was about to walk out and take my business elsewhere when the first staff hang up the phone, grudgingly pushes their ladder about 3 meters, grabs the item from the shelf and shoves the box in my face as well as a piece of paper which connected them to the sale. "take this to the counter" they mumbled halfheartedly and walked back to their desk. I proceeded to crush the piece of paper up and took my item to the counter about 15 minutes later then I anticipated being in the store. I left JB Hi Fi Capalaba feeling furious and mistreated. I was pretty nice to them but I guess because I wasn't going to boost their sales for the day I was not seen as a customer but rather an inconvenience to this car audio. I will never set foot in the store again
  • Boy these pople know their products.Extremely helpful and friendly.Always willing to do a deal.Product range is immense.
  • easy parking , great staff. Always reductions and bargains. Have returned faulty items with no fuss from assistants

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