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  • R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1 Local Star   660 reviews
    Busy store, of moderate size and very well laid out. Consistent staff instills confidence in expertise! Each product I've purchased has been on advice from well informed staff. They seem happy to provide honest options on product pricing and quality. Checkout is efficient, don't expect a long wait.
  • C Hades   8 reviews
    I rang JB Hi-Fi about a DVD and after being on hold for ages was transferred to 'the DVD section'. The staff member went to check to see if the dvd I wanted was in stock and after being on hold for ages another person I came on and asked if they could help me. I told them my enquiry and they too went off for a few minutes. Yet another voice came on and after saying 'hello?' hung up before I even had a chance to say anything back at all!

    JB Hi-Fi have terrible phone service and I advise people not to ring them!

    In person it's not much better. Staff can be rude and lifeless, more interested in talking to each other than helping customers.

    Great range of stock- if you know what you want and you know where to find it then you're ok but otherwise forget it!
  • Joanne Lee Phin Local Star   348 reviews
    I went into JB Hi-Fi to purchase a replacement iPhone Stereo Headset.

    In general, the store has a great range of stock, but it is absolute chaos. Unless you know exactly where to find something, you're going to need some help from the staff, which is where the problem starts.

    The staff on the floor and at the counter are rude and snappy. The floor staff weren't happy to answer any questions, and at the girl at the counter rolled her eyes as each customer approached her, as if we were interrupting her from doing something more important. When I got there, I was told that the headset was $35. I pointed to the brochure which advertised it for $33. Without even so much as glancing at it, she told me it was old. I pointed out that I picked it up from the entry of the store as I walked in. She snatched it out of my hands, looked up and grunted, "Oh yeah, it's April isn't it", and begrudgingly proceeded with the transaction.

    Having said that, the security guard outside was surprisingly friendly.
  • Lara02   2 reviews
    Good customer service. Nice people
  • review17   33 reviews
    The JB Hi Fi has a range of electronics, media entertainment and other related products. Very conveniently located in city. Prices could be more competitive, nevertheless still some good prices. They have a large variety of entertainment consoles and equipment. Helpful service.
  • Hash Puppy   23 reviews
    I like to come here often. They have a large range of DVDs and BluRay disks and have games at prices lower than their competitors. The store is very cluttered unfortunately but you are generally not too bothered by it.
  • cyssero   27 reviews
    Nice store, I frequent this JB Hi-Fi mainly for music. They usually have new albums in stock and often going for about $17.99. I also picked up a LCD TV from them for my brother and after shopping around found they had the best price with good service too. I've never had to order anything, always seems to be in stock. Occasionally you will get a bad saleswoman/salesperson who simply isn't interested but you can get that anywhere and no one is perfect. Good store overall!
  • MrT Area Expert   190 reviews
    This store is like Aladdin's cave! It has everything from music, DVDs, to computers and games consoles. The only thing it doesn't have is home audio/hi-fi stuff.

    The store gets very busy and crowded at times, so be prepared to wait for customer service. In fact I have found that the staff are sometimes too busy to help.

    However, you come to this store because the location is fantastically central in the city, and it the prices are CHEAP.
  • Le 'Awk   312 reviews
    Massive store with everything you would ever need in terms of audio satisfaction. Great range of albums as well as stereo's, headphones etc.
  • lisahari Area Expert   322 reviews
    This store is mad, it has everything you need from electronics, to cds to games gadget and DVDs. If you are not brave enough to take on the crowd, you can always check out their online store. They have the best promotions ever.

JB Hi-Fi

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