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Reviews of Jetstar

  • mins Local Star 944 reviews
    We just flew to Hawaii on an unbeatable and unbelievable deal. $1380 for two adults and a baby return including luggage. The flight was on time, the plane was beautifully refurbed and a smooth flight.
  • looknow Local Star 766 reviews
    Ive utilise Jetstar quite frequently in the last 6 months traveling across Asia. Both the Australian office and Jetstar Pacific alliance group. I agree that they are relatively well position the market with their aggressive pricing and discounting compared to their competitors. However, in terms of customer services, Im not certain if I can put my hands up to say they have the best customer service team available. In saying that Ive come across some team members who have been great in finding a solutions, while others I question their product knowledge and their ability to be able to assist customers. In a recent trip overseas from Australia to one of the South East Asian destination I required a basinet, which was all good and booked. On the return flight this was not available and was advised it was fully booked out. Closer to my return, I was advised that it wasnt booked out, however they could not book a return as they only allow customers 1 bassinet per trip and the other return I would need to enquire directly at the Jetstar office in the country of departure to request for one. Quite frustrating with different information and at the check-in counter, I often find that the information they provide is not always in line with what the phone staff as confirmed.
  • Amanda Cassar Local Star 1,259 reviews
    Always a mixed bag when flying Jetstar.
    Often know as LateStar for a very good reason.
    Staff on board are friendly, but it isn't the most comfortable airline, so I always pay extra for legroom. They're much more likely to weigh hand luggage too.
    Had one booking made and paid for that they swore I never had and had to fight for months to get a refund, or the higher amount from the second booking as they only wanted to refund the lower amount.
    Sometimes, travel just shouldn't be this hard.
  • Amy Neeson Local Star 704 reviews
    Not the most comfortable airline to fly with especially if you're flying international, but if you're after a cheap flight, Jetstar is the way to go. Just make sure you read all the fine print & arrive with plenty of time to line up for check in before going through security to boarding. If you're not at the airport in time, it's easy to miss your flight. And if you do, you'll be forking out for another flight. Jetstar fly to lots of great destinations tho, with more being added often. Make sure you take your own entertainment, food/snacks on board as everything is extra.
  • Customer service reps and supervisors are condescending and will only help you if you are prepared to pay more money to your flight/changes etc. website kept changing total costs and then changed flight time. Could not get any genuine help from customer service. Cold and condescending people only interested in taking more money. Website fares are cheaper than customer centre. Don't ring them. Horrible people.
  • R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1 Local Star 962 reviews
    I think Jetstar provide a great level of service for the low price you pay for fares. I've flown with them many many times and certainly have had signifigant delays but I think this is to be expected with any airline. Especially one with such frequent services. The checkin policy is strict and annoying (espcially when the plane is delayed!), but I find online check in a great work around (obviously for when you don't have any luggage to check). You can arrive at the airport just in time to board your plane!
  • The worst airline EVER!!!! My sister was all ready to board her Jetstar flight and they staff say no sorry you cant fly until we have photo ID. She missed her flight even tho she was nearly 14! She had to have a school report to prove she was in grade 7, they put her on the next flight which was delayed 30min. TERRIBLE DONT FLY WITH JETSTAR!!!!!!!!
  • Second time I have flown with jetstar and the service this time around was great the staff were friendly and accomodating, I even got a price match and saved $440!
  • Daniel Kwon Local Star 599 reviews
    These dudes are awesome! The girls at the Sydney counter have checked in my bags/skateboards all the time FOR FREE! when I told them that I didn't have checked baggage allowance! Love Jetstar. They're sick!
  • Jan65 15 reviews
    I think the added service fees which were not highlighted prior to payment are a disgrace. Tried to cancel the moment I received confirmation for the higher amount and was told that wasn't possible. Wrote a written complaint and they stand by their policies. They added $ 17 per passenger per booking without ever showing this prior to input of credit card. Have reported them to ACCC.
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