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Reviews of Jetty Cafe

  • Lovely meals and great service. The salmon is absolutely brilliant.
  • out2often Local Star 269 reviews
    I don't know what gets better than this in Redcliffe. I was there 7PM for dinner Wednesday, enjoying the best value for money social. 2 courses for $25. The sizes were excessive but the menu variety was great. I ordered pork belly & it was cooked perfectly, presented beautifully and the service was quick and pleasant. Dessert was my 2nd course as I couldn't fathom an entree' and main on the night. So dessert was sticky date pudding. I do love an outdoor seating area in a cafe'. And I loved that without asking,a glass of water was filled and kept full. Really happy to return soon.
  • Busy cafe, but I was disappointed with size of the lunch for the price. It tasted ok but felt ripped off.
  • We recently saw an advertisement for the Jetty Cafe at the movies and thought it looked nice and yesterday decided to try it for lunch.

    We arrived the the cafe at about 1:30pm on a Sunday and it was not busy. We stood in the entry way waiting to ask a staff whether we choose a table or just seat ourselves as there was no signage and no menu's on the tables we could see. After a few minutes of nil attention from staff we saw a sign on the far counter saying "order here". So after reading the portion of the menu we could see that was displayed on the front window - we went to the counter and ordered.

    The interior of the cafe is nicely presented with comfortable booths available. We sat in a booth and discovered one of the few menu's that were on tables, only to realise the menu was much more extensive than what we could see on the front window - disappointing as we then had order remorse.

    The waitress bought our drinks over and threw them on the table in front of us..no hello ...no offer of glasses. She then promptly reached in between us and snatched the order number and repositioned it on the table and turned and walked away...no verbal interaction of any kind.

    The food arrived promptly and was a generous portion size...however again the meals were placed in front of us roughly by the waitress and again with no words spoken. I personally was not a fan of my meal...the chips were undercooked and soggy...the steak sandwich was also not quite fresh bread and but yet not quite toasted either.

    Overall we were both extremely disappointed with the meal and especially with the service. Unfortunately we won't be eating there again. Hopefully for the cafes sake we simply caught the staff on a bad day.
  • This cafe has been recently refurbished and the menu and style completely reworked. It is now a trendy cafe/bistro with a warm and chic feel. There are some really nice booths to sit in inside and they are very high backed so for those who like their privacy (think smoochers, breastfeeders or serious talks) this is the place for you. The staff are friendly and accomodating. Some staff are a little young and perhaps need to brush up on customer service skills a little but overall this is a great cafe, great menu and plenty of treats if you are going for morning tea or the like.
  • I had some fish and chips today. Got it for under $10. The staff were very friendly and the food was delicious. I hardly had to wait and our group enjoyed our day. Thanks!
  • Took a dear friend and me husband here for lunch today. Beautiful. I have never been to a cafe, ordered fish and chips and been given a choice of which fish I would like. Excellent.
  • Love the Sunday buffet breakfasts at the jetty cafe! So tasty, such good value, but get in early!
    Highly recommended! Worth the drive!!

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