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Reviews of Jinxproof Tattoo Studio

  • Incredibly clean and modern layout. I've been tattooed all over Australia, and I wouldn't go anywhere else now. Reputation as best studio in geelong is well deserved, helpful, talented artists make you feel welcome and at ease.
  • An awesome experience for first timers!
    The set up is clean and professional, the staff are patient, great to chat to and very talented. The artwork is 'spot-on' and the intricate detail is amazing.
    I've already thought of my next tattoo and can't wait to go back - I'm hooked, line and sinker!
  • Found this place to be brilliant when it was chris reids, and still find it to be professional and clean and hygienic measures are reached... I recommend anyone getting tattoos to go here they do brilliant jobs and terry is terrific....
  • i am so impressed by the runnings and how clean and professional this tattoo studio is. The owner Terry and his staff look professional with smart uniforms and luke at the desk was extremely pleasant and helpful. A nice change from the old tattoo shops i used to go in. As for Casey, well, cannot fault that girl she is brilliant in her work and her personnality, THANKS CASEY, i love my tattoo...it was done soooo well and with such a gentle touch.... enjoy the chocolates hun.
  • Upon arrival upstairs via Union St,Geelong I was greeted warmly by a team of professional, well dressed staff who were happy to offer advice on what designs would work best for the area I had chosen. There was a choice of four tattooists, male and female, and a seperate studio for the more intimate tattoos to be done in privacy. I would highly recommend this studio to any 1st timers who are a little unsure of what to expect, and to all the other regular inkaddicts.
    This is the cleanest and most spacious studio in Geelong 'Jinxproof Rocks'
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