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Reviews of Joe Bardetta International Hair Design

  • After buying a voucher for a haircut that sold a cut, wash and blow dry no matter the type of hair... i was pretty excited to trial this to make it my new hair salon. I was fairly shocked at walking into a chickens den! There was hair everywhere and was told to take a seat, there were no seats! I knew from when i made my appointment over the phone that this was going to be an experience, and it was certainly that. Lovely ladies, that mean no harm, but the customer service is just out of this world (not in a good way) the cherry on the top was when they both refused to blow dry my hair because it was not 'normal' hair? I think it was just pure laziness because i had bought a voucher and not paid full price. I received a half - hearted blow dry in the end, i don't think i will be attending again unfortunately.
  • I bought a voucher for my daughter and as soon as I mentioned it was a voucher booking over the phone, the tone of her voice was rude and no longer interested in giving a good service. When she got there, she was not shown any colour or had any colour discussed when they already began putting bleach in her hair. The haircut is uneven and the colour was not too bad but nowhere near the standards that Australian hairdressers have in hair schools. The voucher said no surcharge for toner yet they charged my daughter $30. Today I'm going to the city to get the $30 back. I seriously do not recommend this hairdresser and, at the rate they are going, they won't be around much longer. Oh, the place looks disgusting, like ghetto from the 60's. It's horrid and depressing.
  • I bought a groupon coupon for this place and read some reviews the night before my appointment. I was seriously considering cancelling because of the negative press, but I'm glad I didn't. I've been going back regularly for my cut and colour because they do a good job, they're very unpretentious and lovely people and they cost less than most places in this area of Sydney. I'd recommend them if you're okay with foregoing a bit of the extra luxury (the basins aren't the most comfortable and the benches are a bit cluttered) but getting good value for money!
  • A real pity to read about the bad experiences ppl had at Joe's saloon. To me, a real surprise as, I have been a happy customer for some 30 years, and I have always enjoyed great haircuts as well as, a very friendly and professional treatment.

    It is sad then, that visiting today for a haircut, I've read a notice on the window, informing the loyal customers of the passing of Mr Joe Bardetta. My sincere condolences to his family. He will be missed by many..
  • No stars. I arrived at 8am on a Saturday morning and the place was filthy, hair all over the floor and dust and clutter all along the counter tops. The staff smoked at the door which filled the salon with a stench or smoke and they brought me a coffee with lipstick stains. I left without getting my hair cut and needless to say will not return.
  • I recently went to this salon for a full colour, cut, treatment and a blowdry. The salon has a very relaxed atmosphere which I liked. And I also was happy with my hair colour & treatment, but the cut which I got was appalling. After I returned home my partner noticed how uneven my hair was from the back, I had one side longer then the next, I know it's only hair and it will grow but if you are not qualified to cut hair then you just shouldn't.
    This salon has amateur hairdresser's working as the day I had my appointment they wronged another client by getting her colour wrong. Not happy Jan and wont go back ever again.
  • I'm very surprised by all the negative comments on joe bardetta as I had a great experience. If you are put off by an old school salon then you must remember not to judge a book by its cover. I thought the hair dressers were lovely people. I had a full head of colour, half head of foils and a cut which I'm in love with. I recommend this salon to anyone that isn't fussed by equipment and appearance but to those that appreciate a good hairdresser and quality hair result! They know what they are doing!!
  • Worst hairdressers I have been to!! Bad facilities, bad hair cut, poor service, bad attitude by staff. Haircut was not what I asked for and was uneven. An overall bad experience.
  • Its an older style hairdressers was a little worried when first turned up with my scoopon voucher but they are such lovely warm people, the service outstanding & very skilled. I had a full head foils, treatment cut, blow dry and the results outstanding!! Best out of anywhere in very long time & I've been 2 joe baileys & classy places & my this is my favourite will make it my permanent place now :-)
  • I've never received customer service this bad before. Don't go there it was the biggest mistake for my hair. The colour was bad and when I tried to be specific they got angry. I got a voucher and I paid for the toner because of my long hair but they said that I had to pay extra for the hair dye when the voucher specifically that I didn't have to. The management then yelled at me saying that I was ungrateful and to never visit the store again. I didn't know that customer service could reach this low. Words cannot explain how much I regret going here. I don't even like talking about it as it just makes me upset. Please save yourself and do not go to this dreadful salon.

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