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  • CharCharH Newbie   2 reviews
    I bought a groupon coupon for this place and read some reviews the night before my appointment. I was seriously considering cancelling because of the negative press, but I'm glad I didn't. I've been going back regularly for my cut and colour because they do a good job, they're very unpretentious and lovely people and they cost less than most places in this area of Sydney. I'd recommend them if you're okay with foregoing a bit of the extra luxury (the basins aren't the most comfortable and the benches are a bit cluttered) but getting good value for money!

    3 months ago - 21/12/2014

  • Arthur K. Newbie   1 review
    A real pity to read about the bad experiences ppl had at Joe's saloon. To me, a real surprise as, I have been a happy customer for some 30 years, and I have always enjoyed great haircuts as well as, a very friendly and professional treatment.

    It is sad then, that visiting today for a haircut, I've read a notice on the window, informing the loyal customers of the passing of Mr Joe Bardetta. My sincere condolences to his family. He will be missed by many..

    9 months ago - 05/07/2014

  • Edel OLoug Newbie   1 review
    No stars. I arrived at 8am on a Saturday morning and the place was filthy, hair all over the floor and dust and clutter all along the counter tops. The staff smoked at the door which filled the salon with a stench or smoke and they brought me a coffee with lipstick stains. I left without getting my hair cut and needless to say will not return.
  • mzplatnm79 Newbie   2 reviews
    I recently went to this salon for a full colour, cut, treatment and a blowdry. The salon has a very relaxed atmosphere which I liked. And I also was happy with my hair colour & treatment, but the cut which I got was appalling. After I returned home my partner noticed how uneven my hair was from the back, I had one side longer then the next, I know it's only hair and it will grow but if you are not qualified to cut hair then you just shouldn't.
    This salon has amateur hairdresser's working as the day I had my appointment they wronged another client by getting her colour wrong. Not happy Jan and wont go back ever again.

    11 months ago - 25/04/2014

  • CatherineMitchell Newbie   1 review
    I'm very surprised by all the negative comments on joe bardetta as I had a great experience. If you are put off by an old school salon then you must remember not to judge a book by its cover. I thought the hair dressers were lovely people. I had a full head of colour, half head of foils and a cut which I'm in love with. I recommend this salon to anyone that isn't fussed by equipment and appearance but to those that appreciate a good hairdresser and quality hair result! They know what they are doing!!
  • Trudy112 Newbie   1 review
    Worst hairdressers I have been to!! Bad facilities, bad hair cut, poor service, bad attitude by staff. Haircut was not what I asked for and was uneven. An overall bad experience.
  • Nadine Ada Newbie   1 review
    Its an older style hairdressers was a little worried when first turned up with my scoopon voucher but they are such lovely warm people, the service outstanding & very skilled. I had a full head foils, treatment cut, blow dry and the results outstanding!! Best out of anywhere in very long time & I've been 2 joe baileys & classy places & my this is my favourite will make it my permanent place now :-)
  • lil_wig Newbie   1 review
    I've never received customer service this bad before. Don't go there it was the biggest mistake for my hair. The colour was bad and when I tried to be specific they got angry. I got a voucher and I paid for the toner because of my long hair but they said that I had to pay extra for the hair dye when the voucher specifically that I didn't have to. The management then yelled at me saying that I was ungrateful and to never visit the store again. I didn't know that customer service could reach this low. Words cannot explain how much I regret going here. I don't even like talking about it as it just makes me upset. Please save yourself and do not go to this dreadful salon.
  • Mlet Newbie   1 review
    Almost cried when I saw the salon. It's like something I would walk past and never consider going into. The service was rocky at best. My hairdresser bordered on rude. My colour is ok. The cut is passable. The blow dry sucks. And I have one more voucher for here that I won't use.
    Save your money, go somewhere you like!
  • Ando78 Newbie   1 review
    Well I didn't even get the chance to experience the poor service, I rang and made an appointment in February, and when I rang to confirm my appointment I was told my appointment was not there, when I questioned staff about it, I got told I was rude and hung up on. Joe Bardetta Hair Design you have just ruined my weekend.
  • Talichinca Newbie   1 review
    This was the worst hairdressing experience I have ever had in terms of the rudeness of the staff and overall quality of the salon. On first appearances it looks like an old run down barber shop but as I am one not to judge a book by it's cover I gave it a shot .... even though I had to wait quite a while before anyone even registered or acknowledged that I was there for a haircut. I was left in the wash basin for way too long and then was made to feel bad for trying to re adjust my head to make it more comfortable. The music which they played through the speakers was way too loud and not relaxing at all, I was told several times to sit up straight and was asked what was wrong with me because I always slouch and have a crooked head. It was highly unprofessional in almost every single way possible. Not happy!
  • Lori888 Newbie   1 review
    Wow! What a great all round experience! Brilliant result of a beautiful clean blonde full head of foils which is difficult to do with my dark brown hair. The staff are really experienced. Full salon as I sit here enjoying the music and watching other ladies thrilled with their hair. I feel like I've been in Europe having my hair done. Will go home to buy more vouchers for this salon. What a great find! Highly recommended :-)))
  • Bronwyn Towning Newbie   1 review
    My daughter asked for a trim & they took 12 cms off her hair, its a total disaster.
    It is also extremely uneven. The staff are very rude. I rang to speak with the management about their staff & they could not have cared less.She will now have to spend a lot of money to try & fix her hair. The voucher is useless & a total waste of money.
    Again this place does not deserve 1/2 a star !!
    Walk away!!! Do not go to this salon.
  • g15 Newbie   1 review
    i purchased a voucher for this hair salon, and it was definitely a waste of money, as they ruined my hair! the staff are rude and they made me brush my own hair, and when stumbling on a knot, grew tired of brushing it out, so just cut a massive chunk of my hair out! i now have to go and get my hair fixed.
    This place does not deserve even half a star!!!
  • Petflea Newbie   1 review
    I almost walked away when I saw the salon. But I had already paid for my Groupon voucher & a nanny so went thru with it, got a cut & balayage and was blown away... The best cut & colour I've had in Sydney. Anna was amazing! So experienced and the results showed it. There was another girl getting her hair done at the same time, when she left I could tell she was stoked with her hair - & surprised!!! I am going to go back there!
  • Anne Star Newbie   1 review
    I don't think this place even deserves half a star! They cut of my hair and the staff argued with me ... I had to get hair fixed two days later .. Do not buy this coupon... Save your hair !
  • Kathryn Harris Newbie   1 review
    The worst experience I have ever had worst hair cut! Worst streaks / worst customer service and I just wanted to leave. My friend and I both went and both never want to talk about it again. Do not compromise with your hair- spend your money else where.
    • Anne Star Newbie 
      I don't think this place even deserves half a star when it comes to female hair dressing... They hacked of my hair and they argued with me ... I had to get hair fixed two days later .. DO NOT BUY THIS COUPON... Save your hair from them!


  • Minnime59   3 reviews
    What a dissapointment. Went in with a discount voucher. Came out with brassy foils and a blow dry that a 10 year old could do. Could not wait to get out of the horrible, barber shop. The staff was very pleasant but that is as far as the positive comments go.
  • Canadianhockey*   5 reviews
    I looked at this first review and purchased a voucher but was really disappointed that I did. The salon is very dated with allot of outdated objects and unorganised service from having to walk past a staff in the entrance who did not say hello to being looked after by three different people who obviously did not communicate what the client wants.
    I was told that if I was going to have blonde highlights I would have to pay extra for a toner and did I want this. After politely saying I had been having highlights for years and never asked that question was told they cannot give service away for free and that the voucher (which states is worth almost $300 in value) does not include this.
    After I declined to pay more I was treated rudely, instead of a trim of an inch I had about 5inches cut off and highlights that looked like stripes. The whole time I felt uncomfortable including being told not to read as I had to hold my head back as the seat was too low. I would have left but thought I should give them the benefit of the doubt and like to support small business.
    Perhaps for a men's cut/shave or a blow dry this place is fine but I am disappointed to say I know have to wait for my hair to grow long again and am going to have to become very blonde to fix the brassy stripes in my hair
  • jeweleez Newbie   1 review
    I got introduced to this store through Groupon. When I first walked in, I noticed the 1970's decor. To me, it's a hidden gem in Rushcutter Bay.The store had the old local corner store vibe to it, in terms of the customer service, e.g. chatting. However, their products and hairdressing service were superb. She asked questions to get a feel for what I wanted, but ultimately really know what colours and hairstyle suits each person. I had a full hair dye, and simply asked for the same tone but more red, and she gave me a red with tinge of copper, which I have never tried before but totally love because it really suited my skin tone! And the hair cut and blow dry finish were so FAB!
    Also, the store was constantly filled with customers who have booked, but was not rush rush busy, so it says they leave lots of room to focus on the customer.
    Don't hesitate, because I will definitely visit again.

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