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World-Renown & Award-Winning Hairdresser In Sydney CBD

Whether you're attending a wedding or celebrating another important occasion, we know that looking your best is important to you. With our experienced team including international stylist John Azzi, our Sydney CBD hairdressing salon ensures that you receive only the most professional and creative styling available. The team at John Azzi Hairdressers embrace John's high standards and the staff regularly partakes in training, are kept up to date with hair and beauty trends and always strive for customer satisfaction. We also offer a wide range of beauty services to suit all your beauty needs at competitive prices.

Look and feel your best:
-	Wedding hair and makeup
-	Hairdressing
-	Hair extension
-	Haircuts and hairstyles
-	Hair colour
-	Hair straightening
-	Perms
-	Cosmetic tattooing and more

A cut above the rest!
John Azzi Hairdressers understands that each individual has unique needs and personal hairstyle preferences-which is why we tailor our services to work for you. We are committed to creating high quality hairstyles that are edgy, modern and most of all, wearable. With our wealth of hairdressing experience, we can guarantee we will achieve superior cuts and perfect colours. Let us redefine your hair salon experience with personalised attention and exceptional service - all at the best prices in Sydney CBD.

Award-winning hairdresser at your service!
With an award-winning hairdresser and world-renown leading stylist, we guarantee that your hair will be shining like a Hollywood starlet in no time! Serving the Sydney CBD area and the surrounds, our tradition of excellence ensures beautiful and stylish hair for all our clientele. We've been helping women feel great for more than 30 years - so come in and experience one of the best hair salons in Sydney and see what our customers have been raving about!

Reviews of John Azzi Hairdressers

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  • Kate Point Newbie   1 review
    Just walked out of the CBD salon and had a fabulous experience. I had a Voucher but received excellent service nonetheless (and was not rushed at all) - I had extremely good highlights and a fantastic cut by John Azzi himself. Would definitely recommend this salon (which is light, spacious and airy with a nice balcony and lovely staff) - I will definitely be back! Thanks again everyone for great service.
  • TM001 Newbie   1 review
    I've just returned from the Mosman salon with a great colour. I'm feeling happy and relaxed due to the lovely service and chat (thanks Jake!) and great wash and massage (thanks Jess!).

    1 week ago - 19/03/2015

  • Amygeorge Newbie   1 review
    The worst service ever. My hair feels dryer than before my treatment. The staffs that work there are lovely but the people running it needs a few lesson - especially not to yell and belittle staff in front of clients - disgusting!
  • Judyyy Newbie   1 review
    I went last weekend and it was an amazing experience.

    I usually don't splurge much on my hair but now I know what I'm missing. John Azzi himself cut my hair and really spent his time on it from start to finish (blowdrying, cutting and styling). He is a great guy with amazing character.

    The staff were all friendly and I was made to feel welcome as soon as I stepped out of the lift. I was left feeling very pampered and spoilt. It was a great experience overall !

    1 month ago - 11/02/2015

  • Jaz2673 Newbie   1 review
    So I visited John Azzi the mosman salon last week, and I have never been so happy with my hair in over 30 years.

    I'm always a bit reluctant to try new hairdressers however I recieved the best service from their new stylist Chelsea.

    Such a lovely and pleasant girl and listened to everything I had actually asked for... See you next time 10/10 for happiness.. Thank you again so much
  • GG Girl Newbie   1 review
    Will NEVER NEVER go back again. The so call Keratin treatment was no more than a wash & blow dry & my hair is in worse shape than it started with. why both offering these discounts if you are not will to see them through - I will never get back!! You are over rated
    • Miss SEK Newbie 
      GG Girl
      Thanks for your support on my comment, I empathise with what happened to you too.

      1 month ago - 29/01/2015

    • Amygeorge Newbie 
      I agree!

      1 month ago - 16/02/2015

  • Imelda Tar Newbie   1 review
    I went to john azzi hairdresser in cbd today and it was great time. I was lucky enough to get john azzi to transform me to be come more beautiful.
    Highly recommeded
    Finally i found a man who i can trust on my hair 110% :))
    Will come back for my man;D
  • CharCharH Newbie   2 reviews
    Bought a voucher for cut and foils about 6 months ago and John Azzi himself did the cut. My hair looked really healthy and the cut and colour lasted very well. Would recommend the place.

    3 months ago - 21/12/2014

  • Jola Newbie   1 review
    It was my fifth visit at John Azzi salon last monday. Faboulous styling session and haircut by John Azzi himself.The salon is run with passion and dedication. Very professional and up to date. I would highly recommend it!

    3 months ago - 17/12/2014

  • Miss SEK Newbie   2 reviews
    Normally I never complain, never have an issue and I am happy just to walk away when things don't turn out as they should, but in this case however I fell its vitally important that I voice my issue because I have never had an more unprofessional experience in my life. This story started when Groupon had an amazing offer John Azzi Hairdresser Keratin Treatment for $99 + $20 surcharge for long hair normally this was valued at $450. Wow great deal from what is arguably one of the best hairdressers in Sydney.

    I had my appointment last week for my great deal, having had Keratin treatments an number of times I understood what I was in basically signing up, what I got was an hair wash, conditioner (this may or may not have contained the Keratin product) and half am hour wait and blow dry then straighten with iron. At the time I thought this to be a bit odd as normal Keratin is a wash followed by sectioning of hair application of the product and 1 hour to 45 mins followed by blow dry and straighten with iron etc, but at the time was willing to accept this is an new hairdresser with different product and therefore an different process. As per the direction of the John Azzi Hairdresser I followed the post care rules to the letter, waiting the full 72 hours before washing my hair with an SLS free shampoo, not getting wet, not pulling back hair etc. So you can understand my extreme disappointment when nothing changed on my hair, it was just as frizzy, after I did everything by the book.

    The product that they said they used Labreas Keratin has some very good application guidelines. I can without a doubt say John Azzi Hairdressers did not follow these at all! This product Is good and normally when used within guidelines produces excellent results

    Having not listened to my self doubt about this amazing deal at the time of my appointment they offered me at the end of my appointment an opportunity to purchase an second vouch for use in the next 6 months for the same price, had I known the result I would not have considered this offer but at this stage I still had no idea about the results, so yes I stupidly purchased this second voucher!! I have called them and they did refund the second voucher at least after I spoke to the management team and was quiet rudely treated after I voiced my outrage at wasting my money and time.

    I have checked on Groupon and I can see that they have sold around 350 of these deals which means they have around $35,000 for the deal and if only half had long hair that is $7000 and further to this only half again purchased the second voucher $17,500, you can see they are making and good amount of money on an deal!!! I am glad I have some money back but ask yourself this John Azzi Hairdressers is it really honestly worth your reputation to put these deals out there!!! Ladies and Gentleman as it stands you need to consider the deal you are getting if its too good to be true then listen to that instinct as for John Azzi Hairdressers never ever again will i step foot in your establishment.

    3 months ago - 09/12/2014

    • Hairismylife Newbie 
      It's funny you say that, I have been going to John Azzi now for 2 years and have my colour, keratin, cuts etc done there.
      Anyone who is a loyal regular customer would agree that they pay only the most detail and attention to everyone of their customers, I feel like a star everytime I'm there from the second I walk in.
      This is a review site on local businesses services, not Wall Street, so not sure why you continued on calculating on finances which are none of your concern anyway.
      I recommend this place to everyone I meet asking me where is the best place to have your hair done, not only on services but the total experience and professionalism.
      Looking forward to my next appointment as always. :)

      3 months ago - 12/12/2014

    • Miss SEK Newbie 
      Hairismylife thank-you for your comments clearly you have had an difference experience to what I have encountered and many other that chose to buy a coupon for an service provided by John Azzi. Hairdressers.
      I am sure they are grateful for your support. My point about showing the calculations was to demonstrate that they are getting an significant return on vouchers, so why the questions remains do they provide such an sub substandard service when the voucher is used. The process they did to my hair was not what eve close to what the product providers advise as the correct application. Like I said in my review I would normally just walk away say nothing and cop it on the chin and move on but it this case I couldn't because one of the most decorated hairdressers in Sydney is not providing the service they advertised and I personally feel this warrants my comments and warning. If I had not got an voucher and paid full price I am sure I would have had an similar experience like you.

      3 months ago - 12/12/2014

    • GG Girl Newbie 
      I had the exact same experience as you Miss SEK - sick of these so called deals - total scam if you ask me.

      1 month ago - 29/01/2015



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