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Reviews of John William Auto Sales

  • WARNING, yes they will act like they like you, and they will tell you they will get it done for you by the end of the next day but dont listen to them before service was excellent, almost like they were acting, but after service, suck my car after 2 months of purchase started heating up and the fan belt, started making a scratchy screeching noise, i rang them and they got so defensive they were acting so childish, spoke to the staff who deals with warranty was very very rude, and wouldnt let me get a word in, these people will only tell you what you want to hear, once you sign the documents, they dont give two hoots about you they just want your money, I deeply regret goin through this car dealer, I wish I did more research but been new to the country and in desprate need of a car, i was referd here by a friend, who is also having problems with his car, If you dont want to have any problems and get attitude, from these stay right away from them - yup they sell u cheap budget dodgy cars,,, they dont care about you at all im trying to help all those customers who are desperate, go find help or another car dealer somewhere else. - i am trying along with my finance co to find a solution
  • I came to John Williams auto sales about 7 months ago. I was really impressed with the service I received. Unlike other times I have bought a car I didn't feel pressure and the salesman seemed honest from my understanding based on previous research. They were friendly and helpful and my finance application was speedy and all for a reasonable price. Thanks. I will be back and recommend you to friends
  • Got my first car from these guys about 6 months ago, picked up a really nice car for 7000, a few problems at first but they were extremely helpful and had them all sorted the same day the problems arose, since then i have had no problems with the car and have already recommended these guys to numerous people.
    Service: 10/10
    Quality: 10/10
  • I wandered into this car yard recently. Management approached and asked if they could help. I greeted them and outlined that I was looking for an automatic, up to about $9000. I haven't bought a car in many years and so was keeping an open mind. I then mentioned that I had seen a Ford Falcon at a nearby dealership for $5000 and that I thought it was rather nice. The fellow suddenly launched into an impatient, at me. They said, "If you want a s***box from someone else then you get it! If you don't know what you want then I can't help you!" All the while I'm thinking, 'Okaaayyyy, this is pretty weird. I already told you what I was looking for.' Maybe they could listen to their customers instead of ranting at them. I was never rude with them, in fact I was calm and polite. I didn't say much and then left. Be careful if you venture into that yard...
    • Maybe what they were trying to say was that you only get what you pay for.
      Sometimes condition has a different value.The company been there for over 23 years selling USED cars they must be doing something right.
    • Well John William, if that is what they were trying to say, then perhaps they could say it without the bad language, temper and attitude.
  • Having just purchased our families 7th car in the last 8 years from John, I would like to congratulate the "big fella" and his friendly staff. I never had a problem and he was always prepared to negotiate. I could not be happier. Keep up the great work John.

    P.S I travel from Ipswich to deal with John and it's well worth the drive.

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