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Real. Honest. Super-Awesome Photography.

I document the raw & genuine emotion of your wedding day so that you can feel the warmth and excitement of your day, every single time you look through your wedding photos.

My style is totally relaxed and unobtrusive because I want you to enjoy every precious second you have to celebrate with your friends and family. I let your day unfold as it should and I document it truthfully, with a healthy sprinkle of creativity and artistic flair!

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Reviews of Jonathan David Photography

  • Jonathan David is an incredible photographer and was a total pleasure to have with us on our wedding day. We were so glad to find such a professional gentleman that was also happy to just have a laugh along with us throughout the day. So many of our guests went out of their way to tell us how impressed they were with Jono, his manner and his artistic ability. He captured the exact feel we wanted for our wedding and produced absolutely amazing photographs for us to treasure. We can't tell you how many times we have recommended Jono to friends and family - we've lost count. We couldn't be happier.
    • Thanks so much Claire! It was so awesome to be your wedding photographer and to document your amazing day :)
  • Professional. Authentic. Excellent communication. Pleasure to deal with and makes a huge difference to making the day enjoyable and stress-free.

    We had to plan our wedding from another country and timezone halfway across the world. Which means we really really really needed someone who knew what they were doing on the day and could help control what needed to be done, and to do it without the benefit of meeting us in person beforehand.

    We were very much seeking photos that would capture, as authentically as possible, our own experience of the day. When we saw Jono's photos on his website we knew that the tone of the photos was what we wanted for our wedding. I would suggest you see the photos for yourself, and decide whether artistically that's what you're going for.

    What I believe is much more useful in these reviews is to say that what really made a bigger difference is that Jono was true to his word - relaxed, unobtrusive, and lets the day unfold. Jono really only makes himself known at the moments he absolutely needs to make himself known (directing family members around in photos, making sure people are where they need to be). We really needed photographers/celebrants/other vendors to strike that balance between nudging things along to make sure we didn't run behind (which could be disastrous) and letting us enjoy our day. Jono struck that balance beautifully and was utterly professional about the whole thing.

    In other words, we were really really pleased with A) how the photos turned out and B) Jono's huge contribution to making sure our whole day ran smoothly as well. He is a very calming influence, but at the same time, knows exactly what needs to be done to get the best photos for the day.

    Thank you Jono!
  • We were so impressed with Jonathan's stunning work from his website, and upon meeting him knew he was going to be a fantastic choice and we were lucky to have him! Any question or request we threw at Jono he met with eagerness and nothing was a problem for him. His calm and positive nature was also so enjoyable to be around for us as well as our guests, and his preparation and execution is nothing but professional, as well as his communication with us throughout the months leading up to the wedding and on the day was so reassuring. Most importantly he is just a super nice dude who got to know us, and really enjoys his work The end result was a huge collection of natural and amazing photos which we will cherish forever, and all our family and friends are just so impressed! Thank you Jonathan!
  • AMAZING - the perfect word to not only describe the beautiful photographs of our wedding day, but also Jonathan as a photographer. From the moment we met him, we knew he was going to be the perfect photographer for us he was genuinely excited in capturing every detail, emotion and intimate moment of our day and managed to do this exceptionally, without being obtrusive or demanding. Thank you, Jono, for being so flexible, patient and professional and for giving us incredible images that let us relive every moment and memory. xxx
  • From the moment we met Jonathan, we were so impressed with his desire to hear our story and capture every moment of our special day. Jonathan is professional, easy to relate to and so easy to work with. We felt incredibly blessed to work with Jonathan and he made every effort to go above and beyond - not only with our photos, but with the whole wedding and preparation experience. When we received our photos, we were blown away by how natural and beautiful they looked. We can look back on our wedding as if we are standing there on the day thanks to his amazing work. Thank you Jonathan for the commitment, care and fun you brought to our wedding day. We are immensely grateful.
  • We immediately loved Jono's portfolio and he did not disappoint. I'm still not sure how he managed to so wholly capture the experience as just one person running around but from the pre-ceremony preparations (including the excitement of the mother-of-the-bride) to the emotions of walking down the aisle and the excitement of the celebration which followed - he got it all. Jono, you truly are amazing. We often look through our photos and feel the same emotions experienced on the day. They're perfect. Thank you!

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