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Joseph Mourad Hair & Beauty

Double Bay, NSW
Open today - 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
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We Colour to Skin Tones and Cut to Face Shapes

Award winning Stylist and hair Extension expert Joseph Mourad has brought a new meaning to hair design.We use a technique favoured by Paris Hilton, Kate Moss, Britney Spears, Naomi Campbell and Victoria Beckham.

We have the latest and most natural hair colouring techniques. You can tint your regrowth using organic colours for only $50.  
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Reviews of Joseph Mourad Hair & Beauty

  • Great customer service and great work on the hair. I loved how i look after the session. Thank you.
  • That was a good start to my B-day! YAY!! I usually hate the way I look after the cut but here I felt like a queen..My hair looked amazing..Just amazing! Thx guys!
  • Double Bay has the worst drivers in Sydney. Double Bay also has the best hairdresser in Sydney!
    Worth taking the risk, especially if you've never had extensions before and want the best experience possible first time!
    Joseph Mourad Hair & Beauty is really as good as it gets!
    Joseph Mourad is a great guy and excellent hairdresser who wants to not only provide the best of what is available in the current market for hair extensions but products all round.
    Most importantly he takes his time and will make sure he gives you the absolute best of what you want!
    He's creative, inventive, very experienced and ultra-talented in his field!!
    He even has several patents out on various hair styling tools :)
    I came in for hair extensions, for the first time, and knew I wanted hair that looked the most natural but still wasn't really sure how it would look or feel.
    So Joseph brought out the hair packs and put them around my face and also "installed" the four types of hair extension clips on the market! The clips, big beads, microbeads (he says his are the smallest :) and he is proud of that :P) and the most expensive, long-lasting hair extensions available on the market (which is what I got .. trust me, worth the $$$$$$) which is gently added onto the hair ... and lasts around 6 months to a year!!!!!
    Plus, the price difference between the "best" extensions on the market and the "worst" is NOT THAT MUCH - around $500 for 6-8 months longer!!! Worth the investment IMHO.
    Joseph will provide you with lots of suggestions and is interested in what you think and what you want!!! He has your best interests at heart and wont do anything you don't want to :)

    So give him a call and pop in to the salon for a brief consultation!
    He's simply the best!!!
    I've had my extensions for 2 weeks now and they look completely natural and just like my own hair! They feel great, are easy to maintain and don't damage your hair!!!!
    I'm very happy with them!
    God bless. ;)
  • Abbey Smith Hot Bod 22 reviews
    Very knowledgeable - unfortunately quite far from where I live. Nevertheless, I was treated perfectly and got a great stylish cut I love. Everywhere I go they cut my fringe too short and my hair too. I know it is not the best hair to grow long, but I do like it and I am very happy to have found Joseph Mourad Hair and Beauty!
  • I've been trying to grow my hair longer.. but every time it gets shoulder-length I'd get so frustrated with how I'd look. Luckily, I came across Joseph's website and he's heaven sent! From the moment I rang him for consultation appointment, I knew I'd be in great hands. His vast knowledge and expertise is undeniable. And add to that his very friendly nature and great passion for what he does, my whole hair extensions experience was just amazing. Joseph's service is unparalleled.I will undoubtedly recommend him to anyone wanting to have a real pampering session and stunning hair.
  • His a magician ... I had a short thin hair and after his natural looking extensions I'm enjoying a long thick hair ... With no damaging to my own hair... I am addicted I love his special technique . He was recommended by Mel B the ex factor judge.. :)
  • Only one word to describe Josephs hair extension technique... Majic !!

    I have tried many different hair dressers that use different bonds for the extensions, Josephs are basically invisible ! They are the best !

    I have never walked out of a hair dresser soo happy.. Ever !

    Highly highly recommend!!
  • i have been trying beauty salons in the area for my facial, this is definately the one!!
  • Joseph was the only hair stylist in Sydney who could achieve the result with my hair that I was after. My hair extensions have given me so much more confidence and I have had a lot of fun with them. It feels wonderful having long, thick hair. The extensions become a part of your own hair and you don't notice that you have them in.

    Joseph's hair extensions are definitely worth it, even if you have really short hair. My long extensions make me look so much younger too!

    Carolyn White
  • Joseph Mourad do the most amazing hair extensions because they use real human hair. I had mine in for 9 months and I felt extremely glamorous; he does a great job of matching hair types and colours. Joseph and Elena are the friendliest people, which is important. They also do wicked spray tans, you need to ask for Nikky. It's a great one stop shop where I can get a blow-dry, facial and spray tan and leave looking like nothing I did went I went in!
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