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Joyce Mayne

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Maroochydore, QLD
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Reviews of Joyce Mayne

  • Tried to order four items from appliances online because it sounded easy, free delivery and install, didnt want to talk to anyone, see anyone or have to communicate other than online, and Im lazy. However, it was not easy - couldn't check out. After an hour on live chat with manila and then on phone with Australia it was discovered that their system was not up dated and products were sold and needed to be reordered, thus the reason no checkout allowable. Apparently they had a "sale" on and "they were under the pump". Order time was then over three or more weeks for some items, if at all. So, gave up and went to Joyce Mayne and got items, or similar, from Ashleigh for cheaper, quicker and without hassle or fuss. Joyce Mayne Sippy were very good. Thanks so much. Felicity
    DickyBeach Caloundra
  • Bought a new TV - Had to go to warehouse at Warana to collect - Storeman selected goods & another staff member 'checked' the order - I then took goods home & installed - I then received a phone call the next day to say that I had been given the wrong TV - was advised that I could pay the extra $300 over the phone then, or they could collect it - I advised 'No' - Researched the TV I had been & found it was better than what I had actually purchased - As the TV had been installed & connected to other players, I negoitated them down to an extra $150 only - Since then have spoken to other people that the same scenario has happened to.
  • Yesterday we phoned to enquire on a particular Dishwasher and the difference between different models and brands. We had the best Customer Service from Josh. He knowledge of products, his willingness to assist us with price and installation. Today before 12 noon our dishwasher was delivered and installed ready to use. We can't praise the professional service and assistance we received from Josh and Rex who delivered and installed our dishwasher. 10/10 to them both. We definitely will contact Josh & Rex for any future purchases and referring friends to them both. Thanks to you both.
  • I recently rang the Maroochydore store and said I put my coffee machine in for repair which was in another company that Joyce Mayne dealt through. I said I have waited a long time with no answers so the manager got on to it immediately and resolved the problem and was very professional and helpful. Because of the great service we where given, my husband and I purchase another item. Thank you for a great service Adam and the team at Joyce Mayne Maroochydore.
    Gloria and Sam
  • The Joyce Mayne Maroochydore Boulevard store in Maroochydore needs a complete shake-up. Start with the Franchise owner and then get all staff to attend a comprehensive customer training course. The Kunda Park warehouse is in a complete mess and stock is hard to locate. I have never met such rude and unhelpful staff!!!
    • Well I have just had a very positive experience with the staff at Joyce Main, Maroochydore, so I thought I'd tip my hat to it. I had lost the receipt to a laptop I'd purchased about a year ago, and called them, on a public holiday might I add, to see if they could help me. They used my details to bring up and print the receipt and assured me in a friendly manner that they would happily post it to me so that I could follow up on a warrantee repair. Thanks to Natasha and Alan, keep up the good work.
    • You must be the one happy customer on the Sunshine Coast that likes Joyce Mayne Maroochydore.
  • I agree with Tiara 21. We saw a sale advertised on Sunday, phoned and were told the goods were in stock but when we drove to the store, they couldn't find the advertised goods. They took a deposit and told us someone would ring on Monday. No one phoned. We contacted them on Tuesday and were rudely told that the original salesperson would be in on Thursday and to go to the Kunda Park Wharehouse ourselves if we were in a hurry. I then spoke to the management in small electrical and basically said - You can wait until we ring you, but we're busy and I can't confirm when that will be, or you can get a refund on your deposit. I run the Section, there is no one else you can complain to. We went to the lovely people somewhere else. Good customer service starts from the top and with a management like this what can you expect from the staff
  • I went to Joyce Mayne in the new home maker center at Maroochydore for the first time on the weekend and was very unimpressed with the customer service. I was looking for a new laptop when I passed a sales assistant who asked me what I was looking for. I told him i was after an ASUS laptop 4gb ram, 500gb hard drive with decent processor. He showed me one that was $580. I told them I had seen that same laptop cheaper in a catalog from another store and asked if I could get a better deal. They asked me where I had seen it cheaper and I told them in the courier mail newspaper. Replied "That's not a local newspaper, and if you cant remember which store I cant match the price" The way they said it was blunt and rude, did not sound friendly or helpful at all. I told my partner who was with me that I was not buying anything there because of the unfriendly service. I went up the road and got the same laptop for $500 with excellent service. The poor sales rep was flat off their feet with a dozen other customers but was able to help us out and still maintain an enthusiastic, friendly mood. I thought Joyce Mayne would of been a good store to shop at, even with their TV ads forever promoting great deals, they still couldn't do me one.
    • Yes, I agree. The staff in the electrical department were not helpful and couldn't find the goods in the store. It was Sunday, and they said they would ring on Monday, but no-one did. When we rang they were offhand and suggested we go to the Kunda Park wharehouse ourselves. I then spoke to the management who basically said - I'm busy, you can wait until I ring you, or get your deposit back. There is no-one else you can complain to as they were not interested. We went elsewhere
    • This Joyce Mayne store in Maroochy Boulevarde needs a complete shake-up. Start with the management and then have all staff attend a comprehensive customer service training course.
  • As a Christmas present I purchased a recorder for my father's TV and after connecting it found that the remote did not work. I took the machine back a couple of days later but the salesperson said that their manager had told them they were not to do returns/problems that day and I should come back another day. We were up on holidays and needed the problem fixed ASAP so that I could connect it again at my father's who lived a distance away. After we stood our ground he checked with the manager and they finally agreed to discuss the problem but not before he had served other customers who had come there after us. Eventually another salesman helped us. When he looked into the problem he found they had given me the wrong remote for the machine I purchased. We were not impressed with the after-sales service. The recorder worked fine with the correct remote.

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