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Kam Fook is a popular yum cha joint in Chatswood. Be prepared for a queue. The atmosphere is lively and there is a large selection of dishes. 


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A-la-carte Bookings


Yum Cha Chinese

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Mains $20-$30




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Lunch Dinner

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Reviews of Kam Fook Seafood Restaurant

  • atan7 Local Star 1,300 reviews
    Now called 'King fook' this place has good yum cha but is often very crowded. The dim sum is steamed fresh and the ladies pushing the cats are pretty convincing sales people, you may find yourself ordering something new.
    Lots of tables but expect to wait a few minutes.
  • I've Been Here Local Star 67 reviews
    only been here once and probably wouldn't bother going back again. Not terrible but with so many far superior options in sydney for yum cha it is hard to see me stepping foot inside here again. the restaurant is large and busy, but the food is average and the service isn't much better.
  • mumsrite Local Star 233 reviews
    I must confess that this is my first yum cha at Kam Fook as I rarely have yum cha in Australia. Glad now that I've been.

    The restaurant is of decent size with the usual Asian trimmings and I must say that although it was busy, this place isn't too noisy, no acoustic like many modern outfits.

    The food is great; plenty of choices from steamed, fried to braised, they're all great. The waitresses are generally friendly and happy to assist.

    One thing to note though, the waiters aren't all that eager to assist and only after a few attempts with different waiters did we receive the condiments we requested. It is true; it isn't an easy task to catch the attention of any waiter or, is it purely our luck that day? I shall find out when I dine at Kam Fook next time.

    Despite the reluctant service and their prices not exactly affordable, I still will return for their food is fresh and good. Having a great company to dine with certainly helps!
  • jojostuff Local Star 405 reviews
    So what do you do on Australia Day? Go for yum cha, of course.

    Admittedly in have avoided yum cha here at Kam Fook Chatswood because of the crowds, but we came at 11 and a friend managed to get us a table for 7 adults, 2 children and a pram.

    The restaurant is huge and it filled up pretty quickly. The steamed dumplings at Kam Fook were really good - generous portions without skimping on seafood, while other dishes like the "yong tau foo" (tofu and eggplant stuffed with fish paste) aren't spectacular. (other restaurant in Castle Hill do a great job with that one.)

    Service is decent, but they charge $3 a head for tea. That's $21 for cheap tea leaves and hot water.
    • Parge Local Star 
      How Australian of You :p

      But 4 stars seems rather high after reading your review? Just based on your comments alone, not 2 or 2½ stars max? Just a question
    • Haha I know huh. Go Aussie.

      Well, there definitely are some negatives as with most restaurants, but in general I had a very good experience when I visited.
  • Good food and service
  • In general, I liked it here. I am a big fan of well-prepared seafood and especially clams. I can recommend the place with a thumb up for its excellent service and delicious food. The guys who work there also play a role in the nice experience that Kam Fook is.
  • We went there at 11:00 prior to seeing a movie nearby. The staff were very welcoming and courteous. It was not busy, probably because it was before the lunch hour rush. The usual type of yum-cha choices were available. The food was well prepared and tasty, the price was right and I would go there again next time.
  • Have been here somewhat regularly for the last three years, both yum cha and for dinner. Definitely on the expensive side, and the waiters seem to avoid you like the plague. All they do is stand around chatting among themselves on a quiet night - no service whatsoever. However, the food is good. I highly recommend going there for yum cha.
  • Cath Chen Foodie 111 reviews
    Long wait, difficult to hail down trolleys. Spinach steamed dumplings have the consistency of tree bark. You're better off parking at Westfield and then trekking it over to Fook Yuen, the walk will do you good.
  • Belinda.H Foodie 112 reviews
    I've had Yum Cha here a few times with girlfriends and I absoulety love it. Service is friendly.

    My only advice is on the weekends get there early (i.e. around 10:30am) to avoid a 30 minute wait.

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