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  • KevinChan Newbie   1 review
    Strongly recommend Jin as a driving instructor, I passed my very first driving test! :))
  • BXu Newbie   1 review
    Good instructions when driving efficiently takes you through learning to taking the test. Passed the test first go after only a little more than a month with Jin.

    2 weeks ago - 01/04/2015

  • jennseul Newbie   1 review
    Great instructor with extensive knowledge and tips according to the guidelines. He is undoubtedly patient, understanding and experienced as it is reflected in his teachings and attitude.
  • sudhirr Newbie   1 review
    I would highly recomend Jin because he understands the student's needs and makes learning so easy. He focusses on the weak areas and also he is very friendly, punctual and very flexible with time.
  • Souj Newbie   1 review
    Jin is very good at making the student learn and adapt to the rules. He equips you not only for a safe driving experience but also takes you on the test tracks to prepare you for the test. Friendly and professional in his attitude, he s always on time and provides strong guidance. I strongly recommend Kangnam driving school for anyone who wants to learn driving.
  • Shyam V Pi Newbie   1 review
    I just passed my test today. Jin is a very patient and guided me properly. I passed with 100% with no mistake. Full credit to Jin.Highly recommended!!!!!
  • EdmondAbesamis Newbie   1 review
    If you want to learn how to drive safely, I highly recommend Jin and his Kangnam Driving School. My wife and I passed the driving exam at one go because of his training sessions. If you want to have a high probability of passing, consider having driving lessons with him. I am one of the proof of his highly efficient and experienced training. I am truly happy with my lessons. Highly recommended!!!

    6 months ago - 13/10/2014

  • nathankwon Newbie   1 review
    An excellent instructor who teaches you everythig you need to know to drive safely and correctly.
  • micha1225 Newbie   1 review
    I just passed my test today. Jin is a very kind person with lots of patient(also have sense of humour.) He gives great tips and really helpful. Highly recommended!!!!!
  • Ramesh4vm Newbie   1 review
    Jin, Is a very good Driving Instructor , He improved my Driving Skills with Safety as first Priority and helped me pass my test.
    I would definitely recommend for others

    9 months ago - 21/07/2014

  • HarlandChan Newbie   1 review
    Im glad I found Kangnam Driving School on Truelocal. Jin has taught me to improve my driving skills and how to over come any issues on the road and to be able to drive safely with his great instructing skill. He is patient and calm in every situation. I wouldnt have been able to get my Ps if it wasnt for his great skill. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor. Great experiene.

    11 months ago - 09/05/2014

  • sandilya Newbie   1 review
    Jin is a very good instructor with two amazing qualities....patience and punctuality. I definitely refer him for driving classes especially to first timers.


    11 months ago - 05/05/2014

  • Lia Tan Newbie   1 review
    Pin point and kind instructions, easy to follow and no problem to pass my test at once !

  • Angel27 Newbie   1 review
    I'm glad to have found Kangnam Driving School in truelocal. Jin has taught me to improve my driving skills and has always emphasized road safety. He is very patient and punctual.I don't think I will get my full license at one go if not for him. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor.
  • JYKim Newbie   1 review
    Kind, understanding and focuses on safety. His attention to detail differentiates him from other driving instructors and he guides you carefully, allowing you to adapt rather than trying to change your driving style. Overall a great experience.
  • katherinewu Newbie   1 review
    Great driving instructor :) very patient, kind, and always punctual. Ensures safety at all time ! great experience
  • Richard Ki Newbie   1 review
    Jin is an amazing teacher who is very professional and kind,I have been through numerous teachers but Jin is by far the most efficient driving instructor
  • Emaya Newbie   1 review
    Jin is a great driving instructor. He was very patient,friendly and helpful through my whole driving. His teaching methods were excellent and always emphasized that "safety is first" when driving. I have now got a lot of confidence since driving with him. i would definitely recommend him.!! Thank you Jin for training me and helping me get my license.
  • Chief29 Newbie   1 review
    Kangnam driving school is the best way to getting you learners licence on the first go, I know I did. Jin is calm, patient and an overall fun instructor, he helped me correct my bad habits and built up my confidence, thank you Jin. I highly recommend Kangnam drving school to everyone trying for their learners and anyone else who wants to improve their driving technique.
  • liew Newbie   1 review
    Jin is a good instructor and being so patient to correct my bad driving habits during lesson after lesson. I am glad to have a full licence now. Thanks Jin.
  • lavienmay Newbie   1 review
    Jin is a great instructor. Like it says above, he always emphasizes "Safety is first." Not only his teaching methods are great but he always concerns about the safety and taught me points to remember when I have to drive alone in the future.
    He is honest, punctual, friendly and extremely patient and maintains high success rate.
    I've passed in one go and I felt confident and comfortable during the test! I would definitely recommend him!!!
  • jkim91 Newbie   1 review
    Kangnam Driving School has helped me greatly in gaining confidence with driving. The driving instructor is very professional in his teaching methods, with all the necessary qualities required in an instructor; patient, friendly and punctual. The lessons are well structured and thoroughly planned. Maintains a high record of students passing on their first attempt. I passed with 104/105 points.

    Would strongly recommend to any learner drivers :)
  • LawrenceYeom Newbie   1 review
    Very efficient driving instructor in Jin. Went from having 0 confidence to lots of it. Real awesome guy, great to work with and surprisingly patient - even for a driving instructor. Knows exactly what any individual needs when it comes to learning how to drive.

    Passed on the first go:) ---- will gladly introduce all of my friends/family to him.
  • jennyxx Newbie   1 review
    Very good instructor & patient! Im very thankful to him for helping me to get the licecence!!

  • nagendraprasad.k Newbie   1 review
    Jin is a very good instructor and very patient. His teaching methods are very effective. Rates are reasonable.I am very much thankful to him for training me and helping me to get my full driving license. Thanks Jin for everything.
  • monicatan Newbie   1 review
    Jin was a great instructor! His fee was reasonable, and he made sure I had the perfect number of lessons - not too many, not too few. I passed on the first go (yay!!). He's taught me how to be a careful and safe driver. And he's a patient, friendly teacher and all round nice dude. He always turned up to our lessons on time. I am planning to send my little brother to him for driving lessons.
  • Sindhuuu Newbie   1 review
    Thanks to Kangnam Driving School. The instructor was very good and taught me driving very well. The training fee was reasonable. I am very much thankful to him for training me and helping me to get my driving license.
  • LiuKaoYun Newbie   1 review
    Oh- where do I start? First, he gave us reasonable price after we agreed to pay 10 lessons upfront. Yes, Jin is also patient in teaching. With occasionally criticizing other crazy drivers around us, whilst learning. My learning took a while before I pass my test, however, it is better to learn it well than quickly. Thanks Jin for your guidance and the long hours in the front seat with me! I am so glad that I have passed the driving test. Cheers!!!
  • gangaa Newbie   1 review
    My driving lesson with Kangnam driving school was so good. I found the instructor very good.I learn driving fast because the way of his teaching was so simple and effective. The instructor is so patient and he knows the skills of drivers training very well

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