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Kathleen McFarlane Naturopath Sydney

Alternative Medicine
Paddington, NSW
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Professional Naturopathic health care from a committed and caring practitioner.

Kathleen McFarlane prides herself in providing the highest care possible. She is highly trained in the use of herbal and nutritional medicine and utilises evidence based naturopathic medicines alongside traditional knowledge to help patients achieve optimum health.  
Prior to her life as a naturopath Kathleen built a successful career in finance as a Director of Societe Generale Australia. Her strong analytical skills and attention to detail developed in the finance industry work hand in hand with her natural compassion and desire to make a real difference in patient's lives.  
Kathleen takes the time to listen to her patients and uncover the root cause of their disease. She carefully explains the treatment process so that patient's feel empowered and confident under her care. 

So, whether you are feeling stressed and exhausted or have a more specific health concern, Kathleen can help you return to peak health.
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Reviews of Kathleen McFarlane Naturopath Sydney

  • Hi Kathleen, I thought that a great way to say 'thank you' for all you have done for my daughter is to tell everyone else! Since seeing you, my daughter's digestion has improved considerably - she finally seems to have an appetite, is 'regular' and is happy to try new foods too. We're not having tummy trouble in the morning before school, and she knows how important it is to drink lots of water and 'go' when she needs to. Your advice and lovely gentle approach with my daughter has had such a positive impact not only on her health, but on our family mealtimes. I would highly recommend Kathleen!!
  • Dear Kath - this is a thankyou for giving me back good health. I came to you after everyone else couldn't offer hope. You were non judge mental and left no stone unturned and I am happy to say I am finally feeling so much better thanks to you.
  • Kathleen Mcfarlane has helped guide me through an extensive life transformation using her extensive knowledge of health and the science of naturopathy. I was 109 kgs, unhealthy & depressed. I'm now knowledgeable & confident I can maintain a healthy lifestyle rich in vitamins, minerals and healthy, yummy foods which meant I shed 20 + kilos naturally, quit eating sugar & am now happier then ever! Kath guided and supported me through every step of the way. I cannot thank you enough Kath for helping me go from being on the brink of type 2 diabetes to now being happy and healthy!
  • My experience with Kathleen has been more than what I could have asked for. My 9 year-old son has a long history of upset tummy and food intolerance. While my GP helped rule out serious medical conditions, I felt like I didnt have a way forward because there wasnt a magic pill to fix food intolerance. My sons energy levels werent great, he was becoming increasingly moody, and seemed to be always battling a cold. I knew I needed to find a solution. Kathleen was a God send. Not only did she help me understand the difference between allergies and intolerances, but she helped me understand the importance of a really healthy gut lining and how important the gut is for a healthy immune system. She came up with a clear plan to improve his health. She also included my son listened to him and explained things in a way that he understood. My son now has more energy, hes happier and healthier. I dont usually write reviews, but my experience with Kathleen was so good, that I felt that others needed to know. Thanks Kathleen.
  • Wonderful does not do her justice.
    If you want to find the source of your illness or fatigue, not just temporary relief, then go see Kath. She takes the time to listen and really knows her stuff. She's helped me out enormously. Thankyou
  • Kath McFarlane of Sydney Naturopathy has been treating me and my family and we've never felt or looked better. Her caring, positive energy, knowledge and gentle nature makes her very supportive even during those difficult health transitions. Thanks.
  • Kath has really sorted me out and I can't thank her enough. She is a great Naturopath and I would fully recommend her to everyone. I had been struggling with my mood and energy and had suffered with period problems for a long time. She took the time the explain everything in easy terms and gave me lots of great advice re my diet.
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