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Reviews of Kedron Park 7 Day Medical Centre

  • This is a review from some time ago but I found the surgery as a whole quite pleasant to deal with, my only issue was that I saw a doctor who told me he couldn't help me with the nature of my problem but he did refer me to a doctor in the same practice that could and I was called immediately and dealt with pleasantly, just would have preferred a doctor who could help me from the start!
  • Reading the below comments, I for one would be interested to know how the customer service training worked out for the reception staff? Ive been attending this medical practice for going on 2 years now and have never been met with a ruder team of staff.

    I had a particular my go-to Dr for quite a long time. Roughly a year ago this doctor left (maybe more?), and I saw another Doctor. All was fine. Called to make an appt and it was bought to my attention my go to Dr had returned. Stoked! Made the appt with this Dr. Felt so relieved to be going back to a lovely, empathetic, compassionate Dr who appeared to have the time for the patients.

    I couldnt have been more wrong. I am unsure what went on throughout the time off that this Dr had, but a different Dr tenfold.

    Its a shame really.
    • Firstly, thank you for taking the time to express your concerns regarding your experience at the Kedron Park 7 Day Medical Centre.

      In order to address your complaint, it would be invaluable to gain further specific feedback regarding your visits to this centre over the past two years. If you would be willing to discuss this further so we can improve your future experiences, please contact our Practice Manager on 3857 6288.
  • I was extremely dissapointed with my experience at this place. One of the reception staff was rude & impolite. Ignoring one of my questions & making me feel like I was a customer at a takeway store & so rude, not even a hello. I will not be going back & will make sure I let my friends & family know so they are not subjected to this kind of treatment.
    • Thank you for your feedback.
      We are very concerned that your experience on the day mentioned was not optimal. We have a commitment to training and developing medical centre personnel with the highest level of focus on quality patient care and we will endeavour to improve the customer service experience in future. If you would be willing to provide more specific feedback, our Practice Manager would welcome your call on 3857 6288.
  • I rang on Monday morning, very worried about my child. After reassuring me, the lovely girl at reception was able to fit me in with a Dr within half an hour. Dr Tang was great and I will definitely be asking to see him again and I will be recommending the centre to others.
  • My husband and I have been patients of Dr Griffin for many years, he is an extremely thorough Doctor ( who I highly recommend) . On Friday he was off, I explained my problem to the receptionist and they suggested Dr Tang, who I had never seen before. My husband found him to extremely good. If Dr Griffin is away again, I would definitely see Dr Tang again. The receptionist was happy to listen to my problems and was extremely helpful. Thank you. Many years ago my husband used to see Dr Hambleton. I would recommend this centre.
  • There seems to be a common experience with very rude and unprofessional reception staff at this centre and this is certainly our experience. Rather than referring everybody to a management staff (who may be part of the problem) the owners should address the issue with the reception staff - that is what everyone wants. When people are sick the last thing they need is to face rude people behind the reception at a medical centre - bedside manner begins at reception.

    The saving grace at this centre is Dr Cos Doucas (who would score 5 out of 5) - a very good doctor who is great with kids. We keep going back there to see Dr Doucas as our family GP and we will follow him if he went somewhere else.
    • Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. We are sorry you feel as though the reception staff are very rude and unprofessional.

      Based on recent feedback, we have decided to offer all receptionists a customer service training module so as to improve the customer service at the practice.
    • I would be interested to know how the customer service training went?
  • The most amazing staff, extremely helpful. The doctors are wonderful and always caring. They should all be commended for their efforts at this fine medical practice.
  • I will never go to this 'medical practice' again... I'm pretty sure they said let's find the most rudest staff and plonk them down at the front desk and let them have a go at customer service. Last time I checked paying customers help pay your wage! The one star (should be five) goes to the pharmacy staff and the guy at pathology - friendly and actually have empathy!
    • Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback.

      We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and are very concerned about your feedback with regards to the reception staff.

      Our Practice Manager would welcome your call to discuss your concerns in detail, which will allow us the opportunity to improve the customer service experience in future. Please feel free to call her on 3857 6288.

      We hope to have the opportunity to offer an improved service should you need to visit the centre again.
  • I've never had a bad experience, some of the doctors lack empathy and don't seem thorough. I had an amazing experience with other Dr but they doesn't seem to work here anymore.
    • Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback about your experiences.

      For us to better understand your feedback, our Practice Manager would be happy to speak with you about your review.

      Please feel free to call her on 07 3857 6288 at your convenience.
  • Have been going here on and off for some years as a weekend/emergency alternative to my usual GP. Happy with the service and treatment overall. I have managed to see the same doctor the last few times which is good, but as it is a medical centre I don't expect to build a relationship with the doctor, that is what my GP is for.
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