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Reviews of Kelly Country Factory

  • Despite some of the comments below I visited the Granville store today. I was very pleased with the service from Vince. He was very attentive and has undertaken to have trousers altered to fit properly for the advertised price. I spent more than I had planned but came away content with my purchases.
  • Reading the reviews below I was nervous to go to this store. I purchased a suit for my teenage son, for choir performances. Went to the Granville store and the salesman was helpful, polite, patient and provided good size options for our needs. No complaints, I think I received value for money. The suit was $89.00.
  • I just had to sign up so that I can leave a comment. Do not go to this place if you are looking for some professional advice, especially if you have limited options due to size. The staff were rude and arrogant. They do not listen to your needs, all they want is your money. I will strongly NOT RECOMMEND it to anyone especially for those who are there to make wedding suits.
  • My partner needed some new, decent quality and affordable suits for business, so we tried Kelly Country at Granville. We were offered excellent service and assistance by the staff at the Granville outlet. From the moment we arrived, the salesman Norman offered us personalised professional service. He showed us at least 4-5 different styles, explained the fabric, gave us his honest opinion as to which suits were better quality and a better fit. He was very patient, he was happy to assist us from start to finish. Norman was willing to negotiate on price, so instead of buying only 1 suit, we purchased two as the whole experience was a pleasant one. To top it off, the Store Manager Vince, gave us a complimentary tie. I would highly recommend a visit to Kelly Country. If you're looking for a bargain with top quality service, ask for Norman Baki.
  • Terrible service!
    Before spending a 2 hour trip to this store I called to enquire about a specific deal that was advertised and if I could purchase a different size pants to the jacket size for a suit, I was told it was no problem, however at the store they knew nothing about our conversation and tried to sell me something I wasn't interested in.
    Wasted my day in an attempt to sell me something else I wasn't interested in.
    I will never go to Kelly country again and I don't recommend anyone to waste their e time going.

    Don't waste your time, most people are not perfectly proportioned and if you need a different size pants to the jacket you will be disappointed
  • Bella.Blue Local Star 395 reviews
    I want to list all the things that went wrong with my fiancee's tailor made suit, but feel like I don't have enough room or time to do so.
    So let's just list the obvious:
    Service is dreadful - there were only two other couples there and a young family, but we must have been in the store for 20 minutes browsing before someone attended to us. Hate to see the store on a busy day!
    Fiancee and his groomsman finally got measured up as they didn't sell chocolate brown suits. We were assured that they would be completely ready within 3 months (there were only 2 suits needing to be made).
    However within 6 weeks we were called in as they'd lost the measurements or something bizarre like that.
    Fiancee and Best Man were in and out a couple more times which I thought meant they'd be fabulous, but the annoying thing was when they 'finished' making them, they were really poorly made. The understitching used was white cotton, so any incorrect stitches were visibly seen.
    Definitely would not recommend.

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