Kelly Hair & Nails

Campbelltown, NSW

Hair, Nails, Body Piercing & Beauty Services

Hair, Nails, Body Piercing & Beauty Services
* Body Piercings - Grade 316L Surgical Stainless Steel or G23 Titanium.
* Dermal Anchors & Skin Divers - G23 Titanium.
* We only use single use sterile disposable piercing needles and biopsies.  
* All Piercing Procedures complies with NSW Health Department skin penetration guidelines.
* 100% Human Hair Extensions.
* Eyelash Extensions
* Cosmetic Tattoos
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Needle Nose Naval Body Jewellery Microdermil Anchoring Eyebrow Ears Lip Multiple Surface Belly Button Tongue Stud


Safety Standard Approved Health Registered

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Reviews of Kelly Hair & Nails

  • This place is excellent. Good service the piercer explained everything thoroughly every time. I had my septum tragus and tongue all done here and today was my cheek dermal. So far so good, touch wood, all healed well.
  • Good service, but I got my industrial pierced there less than a month ago and it is very red itchy swollen and infected
    I have wasted $90 on a piercing I will never be having done again the pain is excruciating
    Will not be going to this place ever again !!!??
  • This place is very inconsistent. One time they did my eyebrows beautifully and for that price I was laughing but then I went back and not only were my eyebrows noticeably uneven I had bad burn marks on my brow bones. I went to get my nails done and they hardly lasted a week. Regrettably I wanted to give them one more shot to see if maybe they could style my hair. Went in for a wash, cut and straighten, the girl washed my hair then straightened my hair and then cut my hair! ?! I have never had that done before and I walked out with blunt layers that weren't blended. So in each avenue they were a let down. I am definitely not game to see if their piercings are any good.
  • OMG, my friends and i made the mistake of getting piercings here. What a mistake. None of our piercings lasted very long. We wont be making the same mistake twice.
  • I heard about Kelly's from a friend decided to come here and I got fantastic service! Really really friendly and bubbly staff! I have had my hair coloured so many different times! And have been so happy with the result considering the prices because the prices are absolutely wonderful! The quality of their materials and dye and everything else that goes along with it is truly the best! I have had numerous piercings done 8 in total, my ears 6 times my belly button and also my neck all have healed perfectly with no infection which surprised me because I usually get infections, I travel an hour just to come to Kelly's every time I need my hair done because it is an incredible place it really is the best! Not one bad word to be said!!!! I recommend this place to anyone and everyone! :)
  • Had a few piercings done here. Top quality service, very happy with the results.
  • great place , good service and pricing , got my lip pierced, done well.
  • Asked for keratin treatment. Instead they put perming solution through my hair. Right before my eyes my hair was smoking. Two days later my hair fell out and was bald in patches. I took to dept of fair trading but lost case due to my reciept not being itemised. The whole experience was traumatic. Please do not go here.
  • I got my hair coloured this morning, staff left a 15/20
    cm wide dye stain around my face and I had to ask for it to be removed and it still wasnt removed properly and I was told i will have to let it fade,bi also got my eyebrows don't and got home to realise that they are far from being even! Poor service.
  • Got my piercings & hair done here and they did a great job!

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