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Kelly Hart Hair is a small unique business. I am Kelly Hart, and I have been hairdressing for 16 years in one of Sydneys exclusive salons doing hair shows and runways which is extrodinarily fun. Since having children I have slowed the pace working part time and working from home until I have now launched my own salon.

We are unique as we have attached a small cafe to the front of the shop to create privacy when getting your hair done, there is nothing worst then sitting in  a shop window whilst at your most vulnerable. You can also get a great coffee and a range of small meals and snacks whilst there which is also useful when chemical services are being undertaken.

Having the full use of a cafe and kitchen also helps for those special occasions such as weddings, formals and photo shoots as we are able to host the total experience with snacks and drinks etc.. 

We look forward to meeting all new faces and feel free to call for any queries.
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Reviews of Kelly Hart Hair

  • Completely brilliant! Kelly is a delightful, fun, talented woman and one heck of a hairdresser. I briefly explained the colour / style I wanted and 'whoosh!' she had my hair looking absolutely perfect in a flash.

    I'll be going back for years.
  • This place is fantastic. I recently moved to the area and was stuck wondering where to go. I found them on truelocal, they already had a handful of very enthusiastic reviews about the friendliness and the service and the results. And I have to say, they've got one more happy customer and reviewer!!! My hair looks great (my gf agrees) and Kelly is a wonderful woman, so friendly and relaxed. I will definitely be coming back.
  • I have been a client of Kelly's for a couple of years and shudder to think what I would do without her. I am very conservative with my hair and worry because most hairdressers I have been to do what they think suits you rather than listening to what you want. Kelly truly listens and does what her clients ask for. But if I ask her advise she is willing to tell me what will suit me and she knows me and my likes and dislikes (no bright red hair for me!) . She is extremely skilled in hairdressing and has many years of experience and knowledge - a true professional who provides excellent quality! She is warm, friendly and efficient and I always leave looking and feeling great. I highly recommend Kelly Hart Hairdressing on a regular basis to all my friends and will continue to do so!
  • When I first moved to Sydney, I struggled to find a good hairdresser and I went from salon to salon achieving the same dull and boring results. When a friend recommended Kelly Hart Hair and assured me that she was the best in the business, I decided to book an appointment and since that day I have refused to let anyone else touch my hair!!
    I have been a client of Kelly's for the past few years now and not only is she very skilled, she is also a genuine and friendly person. I cannot count the number of times I have called her to arrange last minute emergency appointments and she has always managed to fit me in.
    If you want beautiful, healthy hair and exceptional service, call Kelly Hart.!!
  • I have been a client for over 5 years and can honestly say that the only other hairdresser i have been confident enough to use in that time was when i was travlling overseas for 6 months. Kelly has always been professional, honest and most of all creative - we have done some crazy cuts and colours of the years and have been nothing but impressed and satisifed with every cut. No need to explain vist after visit of what i want as Kelly generally has an idea before i have walked in the door if its time to change things up. Prior to being a client i always felt my hair styles were not me, chopping and changing hairdressers every year. I am not confident that my hair styles and colours suit my skin, facial features and over all look. I always leave feeling like a million dollars. Couldnt imagine going anywhere else!
  • Im a 24 year old male. I'm pretty image conscious. For guys, hair is one of the very few tools we have to create our look. I have been going to Kelly since i knew what a haircut was. She is a fantastic hairdresser! Hugely creative and has great attention to detail! Apart from her amazing ability with scissors she is an amazingly warm and genuine person. She has been a close family friend for many years!
  • I too look Kelly up if I am in Sydney! No one understands what it is you want like Kelly does! Her own hair is fabulous and to me that says it all!! Wish she could move her salon to Queensland!
  • I have had Kelly Hart doing my hair for over 3 years now and I have never left there unhappy. Kelly truly is one of those skilled hairdressers that knows what type of style and colour best suits your skin tone and personality. I always trust her opinion with anything to do with my hair because she is so great at what she does. For how blonde I am, my hair is so healthy! I always get compliments. And she knows how picky I am with my hair since I am on tv and always have it tied up wit netball! Also helps that she is such a personable person!
  • I recommend Kelly Hart Hair to everyone I know!
    I stopped living in Sydney 3 & 1/2 years ago, but visit a lot because of family relationships. I go to Kelly every time I'm in Sydney because she is the best & I wouldn't let any one else touch my hair if I can help it!

  • I am a typical bloke in the respect that for the last 12 years i cut my own hair and thought it was as good as it gets. I don't know how she does it, usually because I'm half asleep after the head massage, but i feel like a 40 year old virgin who just discovered what he's been missing out on. I love the hair cuts i get, i love going to get them, and i love the lamb she serves out of her cafe.
    If you're reading this, do yourself a favour- book a hair cut, go in, ask for a strong flat white, make sure you get a head massage, get the cut of your life and then upon relaxed stumble out of the salon, ask for some lamb. You will be as happy as a pig in mud, with great hair!

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