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Popular Irish Pub in the heart of Newtown

Kelly's on King is a lively Irish pub located on the busy King Street strip in Newtown - made popular thanks to its friendly and authentic atmosphere.

Enjoy drinks with friends in either of the two welcoming outdoor, heated courtyards. 

Boasting pool tables, a hearty menu, regular live music, themed trivia nights, karaoke and an endless supply of Guinness; Kelly's makes for an ideal spot for socialising with friends, any time of the day or night. 

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  • Kim Lamb   8 reviews
    Great pub, this place provides good atmosphere and a lot of fun. Upstairs there are pool tables and a courtyard outside which is really great.

    3 weeks ago - 06/02/2015

  • alexjasper   3 reviews
    The place is good, atmosphere is also good but the attender should also improved there way of attending the customer.

    3 months ago - 20/11/2014

  • FurthestFromTheTree Barfly   38 reviews
    Once upon a time, the people of Newtown flocked to Kelly's almost 3-4 night's a week to partake in getting wrecked.

    Bartenders at Kelly's were known for being down-to-earth, strangely attractive and ultimately cool - even going so far as to adding requested bands onto the juke box so that you and your comrades could get filthy and have a good ol' jig, donating splashes of beer on the old carpet as you yelled the lyrics to Temper Trap's 'Sweet Disposition' eyeing off whatever poor unfortunate soul you decided would be the victim of your unwanted advances for the rest of the night, whether you're male or female.

    Good Times.

    Kelly's also offers some great pool nights Mondays with free pool and Tuesday pool competitions where you pay $5 to exhibit your skills to drunkenly hit balls with a stick, obtain a free beer and have the chance to win some more money and drinks i suppose. It's pretty good actually.

    Now, as pub SECURITY goes, most pubs have a stern looking, power hungry butthead (keeping it PG) for a bouncer. KELLY'S however is guarded by Joe, a rotund teddy-bear with a heart of gold and a body of solid "don't 'F' with me or i'll sit on you until you breathe your last breath" and Mohammed, ultra friendly pseudo-celebrity of Newtown who will make your night an alcohol fuelled heaven as long as you don't do something stupid.

    Food is great, alcohol is cheap and the special shots are a lot of fun.

    It's really no wonder this place is constantly buzzing and you find people from all walks of life.

    1 1/2 stars less PURELY because Kelly's on King is the reason Janet's Pies next door is disappearing... :( and that kind of set Kelly's apart because you didn't have to get a kebab after your beers, you could get a pumpkin and feta pie... but not anymore...

    PEACE OUT! go kelly's!

    4 months ago - 24/10/2014

  • Cameron Lim   4 reviews
    Really fun place to be, lively atmosphere and the drinks are affordable.

    4 months ago - 16/10/2014

  • IreneC2211   5 reviews
    Good ambiance, really fun and lively. Prices are reasonable for food and drinks, will be back for some more!

    5 months ago - 02/09/2014

  • sarahsloan75 Newbie   2 reviews
    Great pub. One of the good places to go in Newtown.

    10 months ago - 14/04/2014

  • blossomingnowbloomed   10 reviews
    Really nice place and affordable, will definitely be back.

    11 months ago - 24/03/2014

  • otierney123   4 reviews
    Never eaten here, but so many fond (and fuzzy) memories of Kellys. The place is reeking with character, not so much from the decor but from the stories the walls tell... many, many a good time had here on a bustling Saturday night with friends. Completely reliant on its atmosphere, the crowd the place attracts is what makes Kellys great. People from all walks of life can be found there on a Friday or Saturday night and you can walk into any area of the place and not be met with scrutiny or raised eyebrows (amazing considering most of the clientele are young, hip, trendy people). Go Kellys!

    11 months ago - 03/03/2014

  • Ericack3r Newbie   2 reviews
    Great pub, I've been here over 20 times and the service is always top grade.
  • Nathan Lundie   2 reviews
    Really nice bar. I like the food - it's veery tasty and prices are affordable.

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