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Reviews of Killara Garage P/l Killara Garage

  • I was shocked after reading the last negative review. From my experience this morning the guys there were very nice and helpful. I thought I'd have my car's battery replaced as it was flat in the morning. After thorough check they said the battery was good so no need to waste money to get a new one. They didn't charge me anything. Simply handed me his name card. I will definitely recommend Killara Garage to my friends.
  • Being a local it actually makes me sad to say I had a really horrible experience. I went in for new tyres and yes, I'm female but have spent a lot of time working in and around cars with my family and friends so not exactly foreign or scary to have to do.

    Firstly they used a metal hammer (not a rubber mallet) to get my alloys off my car (in front of me!). Both rear rims now have ding marks that are not just a buff & polish job.

    The workshop staff hung off my rear axle like a piece of gym equipment whilst passing under my car - not sure what this contributes to a wheel alignment but seemed somewhat reflective of the overall care shown towards the car which was sub-par at best!

    They never told me about the cost of the wheel alignment in addition to the fitting and balancing of the tyres - I can't say I'm an expert in the pricing of auto servicing so you'd forgive me for expecting this to be included when I asked "what will the whole thing cost?".

    Finally, I tried to discuss all of this when presented with the bill, but the staff in the office got the workshop guys to come and argue with me about it. Not only did they deny the hammer on the rim but were shocked when I invited them to put my car back up to check out the marks (which I took photos of). They laughed and started accusing about other quotes I received which included the wheel alignment (even calling places I said I rang in front of me to "prove I was wrong"), being "curt" and "rude" for disputing the quote, and then walked away from the conversation withholding my keys (actually took them out into the workshop) stating I wasn't getting them back until I paid.

    I paid the money simply to get my car back but will be lodging a complaint to the department of fair trading. If they can treat a car like this in front of the owner, who knows what they would do if you left it there for a whole day (not to mention how they treat customers who don't just blindly hand over the credit card).
  • living in a remote area with lots of windy roads i am constantly buying tyres. Shaun at Killara Garage made sure i had the right tyres for the conditions at a great price. I feel confident driving on my new tyres - thanks Shaun
  • I could not be happier with the service I received from Killara Garage. My european vehicle broke down in the on the highway in Killara. Being miles away from home I had my vehicle towed in to Killara Garage to be repaired. I hired a vehicle from them while mine was been repaired. They kept me up to date with what was required and how long it would take. I was so grateful I was able to get a car and continue home and return in a few days to pick up my vehicle. I will drive to Killara Garage and have my car serviced for the day. Hard to find good service these days.

  • I have been a customer here for a couple of years and have been very happy with the service. I always used to take my car to the dealer but I had a problem they said would cost me $7K to fix. I took it to these guys and they fixed it for $2.5K and I have been with them ever since. I have saved so much money on my servicing and tyres ever since. I can't speak highly enough of the service.
  • Went in for a blue slip and they could not complete (went to another garage that completed while I waited). Then they wanted to charge me for additional labour on the vehicle without even asking me prior. The bill ended up to be 3 times what I expected. When I complained they tried to hold my car.
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