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Reviews of Kingsgrove Seafood

  • The food is amazing at this place, everything tastes great especially the octopus which is really surprising considering the places I've been too. My favorite fish and chips place. Highly recommend trying this place, you won't regret it! The staff are also very friendly and they definitely reward their regular customers well ;) I've gotten plenty of extra food <3
  • I been coming here a long time, and the last burger i bought had a hair in the mince, i had to literally pull it out of the mince. I know these things happen, but it turned me off for a while. I have gone back, but only for fish. Unfortunately i never had the heart to tell them. The staff are really friendly too.
  • Def the best Fish ive had from a fish and chip shop in southern sydney so far.

    Best half cook because the batter is so golden and crispy its a perfect coating thin but crispy and they ALWAYS have actual fish fillets inside which just breaks in your mouth...mmm yummy.

    The fish is beautiful fresh fish and I they use product of NZ fish some of the freshest untouched less polluted waters in the world, a great taste in the mouth.

    Friendly staff, golden batter, fresh product, beautiful fish and chips ive had so far, beautiful
  • Very friendly staff
    very fresh food
    very tasty!
    Very affordable

    simply my all time favourite seafood shop to buy food from and it is quite filling!

    It's making me hungry thinking about it... heading to seafood shop now.

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