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Reviews of Kmart Tyre & Auto Service

  • I've used KTAS Castle Hill for a number of years now, especially for servicing once my cars are out of dealer warranty. The first time I used them was to change my brakes pad and disc-machining (after the Nissan dealer told me they needed doing). I took my car in, told them I couldn't remember if it was front or back brakes. An hour later, they called me and said that both front and back brakes were good for at least another 10-15,000km so no need to change them now. Total cost was $0. After being so ethical/honest on my first visit, I've continue to use them for services, brakes, electrical faults and battery changes. I have always been happy with the service. Even when they have seemed expensive, on phoning around, they're generally still one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest). I've also found it convenient to use them because you can leave your car there for a few hours and head upstairs for shopping etc. Highly recommend.
  • if you service your car with them ill garentee you will come out with 200 new parts you dont need and a lot of anger in waiting for them to finish your car due to over booking. no matter if you have clearly stated you would like your car ready at this time with a followed response by them saying "yes of course"

    please don't waste your time here im sure theres a kmart auto that will work with you but definatly not this one.

    cant say much on tyres i go to jaxx castle hill
  • Called this week and spoke to Glenn about tyre options for Holden Calais. He provided detailed feedback on 4 options and could fit tyres within 24 hours. Change over was completed on time for the agreed price which included a 6 monthly reminder to have tyres rotated. Glenn booked car in for tyre change and contact with other staff indicated it was a well run service centre. After hearing my wipers need attention and service was due have now booked car in for 41000 service next week.
  • Very convenient location off the car parking area inside Castle Towers (entrance is right opposite the school). Besides doing tyres they also do repairs and it looks like a pretty professional setup with 6 hoists. Got a pink slip done here today, booked at Sat 12pm, got an appointment at 2pm, dropped in the car, went up the lift and shopping for 1 1/2 hours and when I got back had the car ready to go. Try that at another servo. I hear they are open 7 days now. Staff seems quite friendly, spoke with a guy called Theo a week before and he was very helpful explaining to me an issue I had with the car. 4 stars - for convenience and customer service.
  • atan7 Local Star 1,301 reviews
    A very convenient location to get your car serviced because you are pretty much in the heart of Castle Towers Shopping complex. (I even considered getting my car serviced here in the future during the Christmas Sales- just for the parking spot!)
    The lady at the counter wasn't providing the best customer service in the world- one of those straight-to-the-point no smiling types- but our car was ready at the agreed time and they recommended all add-on's you would expect- wheel alignment, changing this and that etc etc...
    But overall a good experience and a great location.
    BTW we struggled to find this place intially as Castle Towers has MANY entraces- It is located close to the Castle Hill library side- main entrance with the traffic lights turning right (from the library) JUST ebfore the Bi-Lo entrance on the left. (before the roundabout). There is a sign on the wall... (don't do what we did and go to the Kmart parking- VERY different location... VERY different)

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