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Burwood East, VIC
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Reviews of Kmart

  • Absolutely shocking customer service, extremity rude and disrespectful management and team members, even the security staff there seem like they only check certain people bags...witnessed it myself. Never coming here again. worst shopping experience. Asked for help from one of the team members there, they were speaking to me in an highly disrespectful tone and even rolled their eyes when i asked them to call another store for me to check on a pair of shoes i wanted which were not in stock!
  • Christmas Eve, with a list of children's gifts to procure - saved the day! Hassle free self checkout and sufficient parking, plus 24 hour opening hours.
  • Great shop! Love that its open 24 hours, so you can shop when its convenient. This store has recently had a re-vamp as well and they have alot of new ranges on offer. Always a pleasure to shop here. Love that you can now serve yourself to checkout, save so much time.
  • Average products, quality is ok. Customer service is absolutely terrible. A lady was purchasing a display bicycle and the lady who served her at the checkout was extremely rude! She swore at a lady, who was only asking if the bike can be disassembled and for the broken brake to be fixed. There was also another checkout person looking onto this situation and smirking at the poor customer! These particular employees were extremely disrespectful towards this customer, though i cant say the same for the other employees, who were wonderful.
  • 24 HOUR KMART!!! Open all the time except christmas day and good friday. A very large store with a full garden area and tyre and auto service. Near public transport as well. Plus it's 24 Hours, can't go wrong!

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