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Reviews of Kmart

  • mins Local Star 944 reviews
    They have a really big selection of children's books here, bigger than other stores I have been to. They also sell great little leather look notebooks for only a few dollars.
  • atan7 Local Star 1,300 reviews
    Great Kmart with generous opening hours. There are lots of products and a great variety of basic homewares such as kitchen utensils.
    Also like to visit this store when I am looking for car maintenance items such as cleaning products.

    The staff are friendly and their are pretty good with customer service.
  • R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1 Local Star 962 reviews
    I've been coming to Chatswood Chase for years and only just realised this Kmart is in the complex... You don't really expect it as the Chase is marketed as a more 'up market' shopping destination. Regardless, it is a great addition! The store is large and open and stocks a great variety of low priced goods. There are plenty if checkout lanes and whilst they aren't all manned it is reassuring to think they could be on a super busy day. Floor staff are absent, as you would expect at Kmart. But let's face it, you visit for the sales not the service!
  • Everyday low prices, yes. You can buy lots of things, but the shelves are often in shambles, particularly the clothes sections.
    The self-serve checkouts are a nightmare, with only three for cash only and three for eftpos/credit card only. There was an absolutely enormous line at all of the checkouts, an enormous line for cash, and noone lining up for the eftpos/credit machines. I only wanted to buy a packet of mints and I was waiting for ages in the cash-only line...
  • I just needed some cheap tees for workout gear, so I thought a quick trip to KMart was in order.

    I found this store to be a total mess with clothes all over the floor. I think it may have been a staffing issue as I saw very few staff members who were run off their feet.

    The self-checkout, while usually we play nicely together didn't want to believe that I'd placed the item in the bagging area.

    Next time I'll go elsewhere.
  • Great place for the great deals ..you can buy Almost everything. Highly REcommended
  • KK 88 reviews
    Good value and variety. As with most Kmart stores i find it hard to get assistance and this store is not in a convenient place for public transport as you have to walk a way to get there - past main shops

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