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Reviews of Kmart

  • Not far from me Kmart is where i like to go for things for my home and it is great. where would i be without kmart? it's always good prices and easy to find stuff i need.
  • Diane R Local Star 631 reviews
    Very good kmart store, I have found the shop neat and tidy, with friendly staff, as with all stores, well laid out so it's easy to find the section you require. I like the lower prices - store wide and they have some really cool bargains from time to time.
  • I like most Kmart's I go to. This isn't an exception. But I do sometimes have problems with service and the tidiness of the place as sections like the shoes and kids toys sections can be extremely messy especially when sales are on. But other than that, great products, great location and at relatively great prices.

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