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Reviews of Kmart

  • R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1 Local Star 962 reviews
    Big store! Typical K-mart range huge quantity of generally low quality (and low prices to match). Long hours are a definite plus. So it the location. The store backs onto the car park which means its really easy to get your big purchases back to the car. Dont expect much regarding service, but if you do manage to track an attendant down they are usually friendly and helpful.
  • I know it's weird to leave a review for kmart because it's a huge chain but I gotta say we really love coming here because it's 24 hours. There are always a bunch of people wandering around at all hours which is nice
  • HB2 Area Expert 124 reviews
    Unfortunately this store is always lacking in the items advertised in their specials - I'm sure it's just a way to get you into the store and then spend money on something else! On saying that, you always find something else to buy. They always have lots of toys and undies, but that size shoe you're looking for or 4 towels in the same range with matching bathmats is a bit challenging. We keep going back because they have good 15% of all items in store days!

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