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Reviews of Kmart

  • xbabydollx Local Star 1,111 reviews
    Kmart has changed the layout slightly of their store again mainly they just swapped the women's loathing section with the beauty section - tactical / strategic move I feel because every time I come in now the first thing I see is women's clothing and I get sucked in straight away. What can one expect though, the prices are pretty good, although sometimes you really do get what you pay for. Anyway! The store itself is quite large and always do see staff around, won't have trouble finding someone who can assist if you have any queries.
  • xbabydollx Local Star 1,111 reviews
    Re: The Photo lab. Good service and good staff, always helpful. Last night and also this morning I came in to get passport type photos printed and they dont have the option to print that type on the photo booths/PC that customers use, but the staff each time were happy to help me and print from my USB on the computer they use for Passport photos. It was very nice of them, they were very helpful. Was happy with their service and left as a happy customer. Thanks again to the staff at the photo lab!
  • Kmart is becomming one of my favourite stores. Mainly because of their variety on every single item and their prices are good enough to make me smile.

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