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Reviews of Kmart

  • TheMiddleIngredient Local Star 842 reviews
    while i am able to go in and grab a few cheap items for the kids to do crafting with and occasionally see some homewears items that are newly in and look beautiful, they dont last. i've found the clothing for school is cheap, but the knees on pants wear through easily. the tops stain easily also. so really i keep getting what i pay for, which isnt that much.
    my girls really enjoyed playing with their new craft projects and i was able to have some sainty for a few hours in the wet weather while they played with it - so i guess thats the main thing.
    the shop its self is clean and tidy, and the staff try to be helpful. at the self serving check outs i would like to recommend there should be two staff members standing and helping customers. almost 80% of the time that i'm there, there is ALWAYS a problem with the machine and its weight of item or its item not scanning etc. its very frustrating and does not speed up the process of self serving at all.
  • TheMiddleIngredient Local Star 842 reviews
    recently purchased an item that was the wrong size.
    i took it back today, and the staff were a bit rude behind the service counter. rather than let me walk in and just swap the item over i had to wait to sign something and get a refund exchange slip - i then had to go back through another check out and serve my self to purchase another of the same item in a different size. what a wast of my time, and to make it worse the staff were on a GRUMPY day!
  • TheMiddleIngredient Local Star 842 reviews
    You have made my 4 year old very happy with her drum kit this year for Christmas! And what a bargain at just $20!!!!
  • TheMiddleIngredient Local Star 842 reviews
    great prices on purchase's i received today.
    however i have had problems in the past with layby - usually at christmas time.
    but the staff are always helpful :)

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