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Reviews of Kmart

  • A bit run down looking tired, this is one of the Kmarts on the Gold coast that I would like to avoid, i really think Coles is flooding the GC market with too many kmarts and Targets in the area. This Kmart is dingy and in need of a make over or could it be the death nell for Kmart at Australia Fair? i don't think it could be replaced by Target as its down the road, I know there is another Kmart at Helensvale that is much better looking. I also remember in the past Coles were trying to wind up its loss making Kmart operations may be they proping up the Kmarts in presentation centres such as Robina, Helensvale and Pac Fair?
  • Daniel Kwon Local Star 597 reviews
    Expect good friendly service from the staff at this Gold Coast Kmart. Prices are generally on par with Target as the two brand names have affiliations with Coles Group.

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