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Reviews of Knox Dental Group

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  • Gammaray Newbie   1 review
    I visited these dentist about 1 year ago. I had one filling done and the usual xrays etc. When I got the bill at the counter it was over $400!! I double checked it when I got home and they had charged me for 2 fillings instead of one!! I rang and they got back to me within the week and sent me a refund cheque for one filling. Had I not checked - I would have been ripped off around $170!!
    I also had a filling done another time and a week later half of it cracked off. I DO NOT recommend this clinic at all - its one of the worst staff. Their opening hours are their only good point.
  • trisun Newbie   1 review
    First you will see is that the staff are constantly arguing with patients about the bills.
    They will ask you to do full x-ray imaging in a separate room instead of the regular small x-ray on site, but never tell you the cost until you see the staff. You will also be asked to make additional appointments with people doing cosmetic work, and again, never tell you how costly it is.
  • Aomod   2 reviews
    I had an upper molar crown break off after another dodgy dentist attempted a root canal filling on a tooth that was far too thin. Went into this crowd around 6 months ago to have the roots removed. They took an x-ray before removing the roots. The dentist reassured me that she had removed all the roots. Under their advice, I also went back a few days later to check that it was ok. I was examined by another dentist from that clinic and he advised me everything was fine and the roots were gone.

    I went to another dental clinic today regarding another tooth and was shocked to be told there was still a root left in my jaw from these clowns! Unbelievable!

    If you're thinking of going to this dentist, do yourself a favour - run!
  • fooding Newbie   1 review
    Disappointing,... Efficient. fairly big dental practice, but not good for customers. Why? They said my teeth looks ok, then said "will do an x-ray". Good thing I stopped to ask if that will cost me, answer was yes. I told them no, I just want a general check up, cleaning and scaling. they said ok. Then they proceeded to do it and it was over in less than 10 minutes.

    To put things in perspective, I visited about 2 years back with a very bad tooth ache, x-ray was done, but it has since cleared, and my tooth & gums are in much better health now cause I now floss daily. But I can't understand why x-ray should be standard, since it is high cost item paid out of pocket not covered by extras policy.

    And scaling was perfunctionary, going through the motion. I know what is good and thorough scaling. I only make last minute appointment with them cause of travel plans and to make use of my extras insurance cover.

    Unlikely to go back to them,will plan better next year and go back to previous small practice dentist - they really gives quality scaling and cleaning service.
    • Beebop Newbie 
      Hi fooding,

      According to the general dental practice guidelines and my 5 years in Dentistry, xray's are standard to dental checkup appointments. This is because the Dentist is unable to see "between" or "inside" your teeth, the xray will allow the dentist to see these areas which he/she cannot see by simply looking at your teeth with the mirror and probe.
      There are many cases, where dentists are unable to see tooth decay or a dead tooth, which would have become apparent if the patient had an xray taken.
      I just wanted to clarify this with you, because I feel it's important that all patients understand why they should get certain treatments done. As you said, this is completely your choice.


  • cbogaars   2 reviews
    There is no signage on the building so you spend ten minutes just locating the place then they tell you that you're late but you still wait five minutes. The 'dentist' I get seems to have no idea what he is doing and is more of a sales person, trying to get me to have another appointment with someone else in the same practice about getting braces. Then says lets get an X-ray and shuffles me off to another room. The room is busy so the assistant suggests they do the clean whilst they wait for the room then get an X-ray. The 'dentist' though I have serious doubts he is actually a dentist says no we'll wait so we sit awkwardly and I fill out a patient info form. X-ray is free so I am shuffled off to get that done. We come back to the room and he shows me my X-ray and that my teeth seem aligned well, Didn't you just suggest braces before??? Then he says is it ok if we do a clean next time? Sorry? Um ok. Then I, somewhat confused as to what has happened, head to reception. I get charged ninety five dollars for the X-ray and $38 for the check up. I'm sorry but if an X-ray is going to cost me ninety five dollars I would have expected some warning. Something like, so I recommend an X-ray so we can get a proper look at where your teeth are sitting, it does cost ninety five dollars though, would you like to go ahead with that? Not too mention before you even see the so called dentist/salesman your patient information sheet has a little clause at the bottom saying you will pay all costs in full on the day. not happy JAN!

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