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Strathpine, QLD
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Welcome to Koala Cars. We are a family business established since 1987. We pride ourselves on the supurb quality and presentation of our stock.
Our proprietor, Steve Bennett, has managed and owned large franchised car dealerships in Brisbane for many years. 
This experience plus a keen eye for a good car assure you of franchised quality cars at a fraction of the cost,
Customer satisfaction is paramount and genuine after sales care is guaranteed.

Come see the difference at Koala!
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Reviews of Koala Cars

  • I bought a car from them a while back. I was still a learner, did not know much about cars. I bought this, believing dealers are the best people to buy car with as surely they are required to ensure the roadworthy of the car. My dad tested it for me briefly on the road and thought it was ok. When I picked it up a few days later, the true smell presents itself 1/2 hour into driving it. Extremely strong cigarette smell. We took it back they just sprayed air freshener and told me it will go away. Took it home.... smell remains.... Realised later that the coin box was filthy with cigarette ash, fully lined the interior of the box. Disgusting. Then I realised the handbrake, when pulled, did not stop the car from moving. I thought it was supposed to be used along with pedal break. Then a few months later, I finally find time to take driving lessons. The teacher told me that my handbrake was faulty. He tried it multiple times, the car continued to move forward unless I keep my feet on the break pedal! I cannot belief they can sell a car that does not function properly. Eventually I took it to the mechanic and it costs me $2000 to service it. Everything was faulty!! Terrible! If you were buying a car for the first time and know nothing about it. Better stay off. I'd rather buy from a private seller as they are obligated to bring it to a mechanic for a full check to obtain roadworthy certificate. I don't know what the dealer is obligated to do before sale. Another thing was, they told me it was a 2004 car, I later found out from the mechanics, it was 2003! Overpriced as well! I was young and naive back then. If it happened now I would have complaint them to the ombudsman / ask for my money back! Or I wouldn't have bought it from them to begin with.
    • Unfortunately, I was not aware of any problems with your car, so please accept my apology. I would like to offer you a full car detail and AC pollen filter which will eliminate the odour. Upon reviewing your mechanical receipts, if we find our workshop missed anything I will also compensate you for any mechanical repairs not of a service nature. I do not know who you are so I cannot check the age of the car. The easiest method is to look on the safety cert where it is legally recorded.
  • I had an excellent experience with this dealership when I traded in my old ute for a one year old Ford Ranger yesterday. The staff were excellent to deal with and the price was the best I found after shopping around for similar vehicles. I would recommend them.
  • total excellent service from koala cars.......pity their finance department totally disgusted. im proceeding with further action, NO GO ZONE,
    • Hi Beach373,
      Thank you for acknowledging that you received excellent service from Koala Cars. The finance department that you had a disagreement with was not our internal finance department. You applied for finance with an external finance brokerage company who's business is on the south side of Brisbane. The disagreement which you had was with this finance broker, not with Koala Cars and it does not involve Koala Cars in any way. You have all of this finance brokers details including their business name. As you were very happy with the service you received at Koala Cars please remove your review from Koala Cars truelocal page and re-post your review on the truelocal page of the finance brokerage who you had a disagreement with. We look forward to your co-operation with this matter.
      Kind Regards
      Koala Cars
  • I am very pleased with my new car and the service I received at Koala Cars. Their salesman, manager and service centre lady were all very friendly and professional
  • Went to Koala Cars and was shown a few cars in our price range etc. Took one for a test drive and decided to purchase. Had the car for THREE HOURS and it broke down.
    • Vesp, we are so sorry for your inconvenience. As soon as we got your car back to the workshop our Mechanic rectified the problem within a few hours and got you back on the road. We never want an unhappy customer, but unfortunately with cars sometimes things can go wrong. If there is ever an issue with any of our vehicles or you feel you were unfairly treated, please feel free to tell us about it and we will always do whatever we can to fix the issue. We value our customers and do not want you to feel unhappy with your purchase. As compensation for your inconvenience, we would like to offer a free basic service, safety check & tyre rotation for your vehicle when it's next due. If there is anything else we can do, please contact our customer service officer Rachel on (07) 3205 1515. Once again, we are very sorry.
  • im just sitting in the airport in zagreb waiting for my next flight. Koala sold me a camry for $4000 about a yr ago now. it never missed a beat. I went all round australia in it and sold it back to them for $3000 when it was time to go home. Bargain! a lot cheaper then getting a rental thx guys!
  • I would just like to say how pleased my husband and I were with the service offered to us by Campbell on Saturday with the sale of the grey i30 to me. We drove up from the Gold Coast stopping everywhere along the way and found your range and prices were fantastic. No-one even came close to what you offered. I told Campbell exactly what I was looking for in an i30 and he took me straight to the car I fell in love with. The simple fact that he showed us all over the car, giving us vital info about it and even pointed out that the wheel rim was slightly scuffed and would be replaced really impressed us. You people are very honest and upfront, hiding nothing behind gimmicks and smoke. Campbell went out of his way to make sure the car would be as we wanted it for our day of its delivery. Our thanks to him and the excellent team there - will definitely be recommending you to others. Thank you so much.
  • Sold me a worthless car that cost almost $4000 in repairs just to get it roadworthy, then refused to give me a refund after I returned it. Terrible to deal with. Stay away from them, unless you want to lose all of your money.
    • Hi DDfad,
      We are very sorry that you feel this way. The car you purchased was an old vehicle for less than $1500 which we traded in and advertised on tradingpost.com for sale "For Wrecking or Restoration". Our advert clearly stated that the vehicle was to be sold "As is, without registration or a safety certificate, this vehicle WILL require additional work to pass a Safety Certificate".

      You came into our dealership after reading the advert and you were told that same information - "This vehicle will require additional work to pass a Safety Certificate if you wish to put it on the road" You also took the oppurtunity to thoroughly inspect and test drive the vehicle for as long as you wanted.

      You chose to purchase the vehicle knowing very well that it would require additional work.

      We are very sorry that you feel you didn't get what you bargained for, but we clearly told you on our advert and in person what you were buying. We have not misled you in any way.

      Koala Cars
  • I went to Koala Cars based off an advert I saw on drive.com for a car. When I went there to check the car out I found that it was one of the better cars I had looked at and the sales guy was friendly and helpful. Before picking the car up I had a RACQ inspection (as I always would before buying any car new or used)and the report was very good except for two minor issues (Limited service life on spare tyre and a piece of trim was missing). They replcaed the tyre and trim before I picked the car up. They also did the rego transfer for me and gave me a roadworthy certificate and a Vcheck certificate. I am very happy with my purchase and would be comfortable recommending them to others.
  • My daughter and I both bought cars from Koala cars a couple of years ago, service was friendly and helpfull, my battery went dead yesterday for the first time, a quick phone call to Koala cars and they will find out what my radio code is no problems, no hassels, so even after more than 2years these guys are willing to help. I highly recomend this company to anyone.

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