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Looking for contemporary Japanese fine dining? Kobe Jones delivers the best of Japanese flavours intertwined with a western influence.
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  • ShrimpyNoodle Area Expert 50 reviews
    The restaurant itself is super classy and the location - beautiful, but the biggest gripe for me is that it's really reallly REALLY Westernised Japanese food plus it's way overpriced. I know the place is suppose to have a western influence, but it didn't even taste Japanese anymore!! It was missing everything a true Japanese food fan would love about Japanese food and they used plain boiled rice for the sushi!!! How could such a "high class" Japanese restaurant not even know how to make proper sushi rice?
  • Over rated! Definitely over rated! Food came in a bad order, shouldn't have something with strong tasting come to the table first. The prawns were cooked badly, dry, overcooked. Scallop were overcooked too, tough like rubber. Beef sushi were dry. There were no air conditioning, very hot. There were a Sunday surcharge?!?! Unbelievable! I understand a public holiday surcharges, has not heard of a Sunday surcharge. Service were not that great. Had to repeat ourselves a few times. We paid over $90 per person, not that we didn't want to finish the food, we didn't like the food. Not recommended. Will not go back. Not even when it would be for free.
  • R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1 Local Star 964 reviews
    I visited Koby Jones with a group of about 15 people for dinner on a week night. It is a beautiful venue with lovely views across the harbor. We had a set menu and including drinks the bill was well over $100 per head. The food was nice and quite decadent- we had a few lobster courses amongst other things. Given the high price I was not blown away and sadly we found the service left a lot to be desired. We found it difficult to order top up drinks e.t.c. Whilst I wouldn't rush back I also wouldn't discourage someone else from trying it.
  • pvogtmann Area Expert 41 reviews
    Love this restaurant! My boyfriend and I went there for the first time and loved it. The restaurant itself is quite small but had lovely ambience and friendly wait staff. The food was fabulous! Expensive but I think quite worth it. Nice views too. This is officially one of my favourite restaurants. I look forward to going back again.
  • We used our coupon (jumponit) there the other day.
    It was absolutely awful. The foods were terrible and the staff were rude.
    What you pay is what you get. (actually it was less than what we should have got)
  • mins Local Star 945 reviews
    The staff were all lovely in their interactions and service was very attentive, working silently around the twelve of us without interruption whilst dining.
    Having selected a set menu we would have valued each course being presented by the waiters however, so that we were aware of what each dish was that we were eating. as the menu was so very vast, not to mention delicious.
    Wine glasses were promptly filled, although beer or alternative drinks were a little delayed in arriving to the table from time of ordering.
    The food was delicious, it is an excellent location, however loud club music was playing which may have deterred a number of diners as it was rather low on numbers for a Friday night. However we did have a fabulously enjoyable meal overall!!
  • My wife and I was there the other day. Thier sushi was very dry ans the serivce more rude than bad. Lunch box was full of pre-made dish which was warm. it also took about 40 mints to get our lunch box so we had to rush as our lunch break is only one hour. Really bad.
  • My Fiance and i took a trip to Sydney as we are originally from Melburne. One night we thought we'd Splurge on an expensive meal so we said we'd go Kobe Jones Teppanyaki. Worst idea, we walked in, the place was pretty full so i thought it must be good. Chose the Teppanyaki deal, which was $140 per person, Didn't receive our first course which was a tiny bowl of soup until 40minutes after we ordered, they missed half our meals, didn't have any crackers for the lobster tail, dessert was not appitizing at all. Me and my fiance were ready to leave after the Soup. It is over priced and Service is shocking. I was very disappointed and will never visit again. I have told all my friends and Family how bad it was. Quick tip, just because someone was on Master Chef doesn't mean there restaurant is going to be breathe taking.
  • Disappointing.. Tsk Tsk!!- let me justified; Saturday night, got seated right next to the open balcony with great view without a reservation, feeling my luck than!

    2 x albums was placed down in front of us (AKA Menus) whilst first drink orders were taken. Thinking then: "Great! They are all about service here, just how I like it"...

    Business proposals came to mind as we started scanning through the albums, the menu is so extensive (in font size 8), they had to do up another page to recommend what customers should try and what combo is suggested. ....still positive at this point.. lots to try, why not?!?! Okay, lets go for the "Perfect for 2" -approx $100 pp. This way we get to try about 6-8 dishes....

    1st course came-Entree, 2 x very big plate sat infront of us with 5x bite size items per plate ...confused..can this be most of the dishes that they mentioned on the menu..can't be...oh wait..it is... nevermind though, interesting flavour and presentation is great....

    2nd course came...1 piece of steak and 1 serving of Lobster tail to SHARE for 2 people....hmm... starting to doubt value factor... nevermind though, Steak and Lobster taste good but ears weren't moving, no lips licking and no wide eye amazement....

    Service so far has been very attentive though...great!

    3rd course -dessert came...1 x rectanglar plate was placed in front of us to SHARE! 1x mini Macaroons, 1x mini mud cake, 1x Martini glass of Semifreddo and another Mini cake..overall, Taste and flavour great but not Fabulous!.....

    ....Check time...... WHAT????????? WHAT SURCHARGE????? Where???? "Madame, right down the bottom in font size 4! .....needless to say...disappointed.
  • Colsie Foodie 153 reviews
    Not traditional Japanese, more of a fusion style. The food is good but probably not worth the price tag which accompanies it. Feels like you're paying more for the view then culinary delights. Ribs were delicious and sake was great, service was fine but just expected a little more for the price.
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