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Reviews of Korean (seoul) Restaurant

  • regcal78 Foodie 74 reviews
    Good Korean BBQ, fun for the kids to practice their chopsticks and their grilling skills. Friendly staff, good busy vibe
  • dl85 Foodie 126 reviews
    I love Korea bbq food and it was great here. The service was good and the drinks service was very good. The staff are nice and quite happy to answer any questions about the dishes. The menu is quite broad and there is definately something there to suit all tastes.
  • joshuaq Foodie 55 reviews
    Very authentic korean restaurant. The atmosphere is relax and the place is huge. Besides the traditionally "me too" korean bbq, they also serve some fantastic dishes. Try their chillie pork, sweet and sour pork and bibimbak (a very healthy alternative with vegetables and egges on steam rice) and you will tell the different. They also have a very unique fish dish that cooks the fish in soup over bbq. Apparently from my korean friends they are very authentic and delicious.

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