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Reviews of Kresta Blinds & Curtains

  • Like others, I wish I had read reviews before ordering a blind with Kresta. The fitter didn't call on the due date or contact me, as was promised. I was given the excuse his van had problems! The sales lady took my 50% deposit in cash and didn't tell me that 1. I had to remove existing blinds and 2. That the company requires full balance payment BEFORE installation. After reading the terrible reviews about Kresta I am feeling angry and stupid for not reading reviews before parting with a 50% cash deposit. I also, like many other people who have posted, very deeply regret ever have getting involved with this company.
  • Wish I read this prior to ordering. They are rude, inconsiderate and never return calls. They gave me the wrong blinds and wanted to charge me more to fix the problem. Im now stuck with unwanted blinds that blackout the office when meant to be sheer. Management and head office also had a bad attitude an ZERO care factor. Contacted Consumer Affairs.
    STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!
  • The lack of communication was truly horrendous. We had to chase them constantly and after making it clear we had a due date for an event which required the drapes / curtains installed by they screwed it all up. 2 months later they could only manage a partial install of which one item wasn't completed due to missing components and another timber blind requires being taken away for rethreading. So we had our catered event without a few blinds but no drapes / curtains in the main living area all thanks to Kresta and their inability to administer themselves efficiently and communicate with their customers. I even wrote a letter of complaint detailing my experience in full and have had no response from the management - so that pretty much shows the type of organisation they are... I would not recommend to anyone based on the experience I've had with them.
  • When we went ahead with them we were told it would take around 4 weeks. It took over 8 weeks with no apology at all for the delay. They wouldn't even schedule a date for the install until we had paid in full (every trade that worked on our new house required payment before install but these were the only ones to demand payment before they would even tell us when we getting what we ordered). The pelmets were bowed (we were told it was tough luck) and the installer left his mess all over our brand new carpet.
  • Book an internet quote, never called back. Try others.
  • Fitting our dream home with curtains was a priority with a baby on the way. However choosing Kresta was a big mistake. It took months to receive a phonecall to say the blinds were complete then several months after that for fitting.One pelmet was incorrectly measured by the fitter and it then took several months and the input of Consumer affairs to finally get the problem rectified.
    • We are about to go down the same path with Consumer Affairs. Kresta's "Custom Made Cedars Blinds" that cost us a mint to put into our home are bowed, chipped, dented, splintered, wonkey, uncentered, poorly varnished and poorly fitted to the windows and doors they were "custom made" to fit. They have been "repaired" once (over the course of 7 months after full payment) and the blinds that came back are worse than the first. Apparently these flaws are OK because they are written into the fine print of their contract as "natural flaws", and they are refusing to fix them or replace tehm. The blinds are so bowed that the sunlight comes into some rooms. We would have done better to buy cheapies from Spotlight and cut them to size ourselves as what we have now look second hand and devalue our otherwise beautiful home.
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