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Teaching you to drive safely and defensively, avoid accidents, and pass your test on the first go!

For more than 30 years your true local at Hornsby!

Since 1993, I have been teaching all ages theoretically and practically to drive safely, confidently, and pass the driving test on the first go. 

I'm a volunteer at my local Rural Fire Service, and I encourage anybody who has time to contribute to their community by joining this great organization.

Certificate for Self Employed People in child-related employment from NSW Police Commission for Children and Young People
Certificate number WWC0511436E 17/10/2019.

First Aid Certificate from NSW Fire Service

Member of ADTA
Auto & Manual (only teach manual in your car)
RTA 3 for 1, cut the log book

1hr 20min driving test ability assessment (for L-platers, overseas and older drivers) $120 
1hr within Hornsby in your car $60 
1hr within Hornsby in my car $70 
1hr out of Hornsby in my car $75
5hrs within Hornsby in your car $250
5hrs within Hornsby in my car $320
5hrs out of Hornsby in your car $300
5hrs out of Hornsby in my car $350
10hrs within Hornsby in your car $500
10hrs within Hornsby in my car $610
10hrs out of Hornsby in your car $600
10hrs out of Hornsby in my car $700
1hr & taking you for driving test $170

The Hornsby price includes Hornsby Heights, Asquith and Waitara. Please note that my fees will change depending on how far I need to travel. You pay upfront, must book all lessons ahead, you can cancel by SMS with 1 business day notice and re-book again. 50% of normal fee will be charged for late notice. 
Teaching Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat 8am-2pm

When contacting me by mobile, please text me your full name, address, auto/manual and desired date and time, and I will be in touch as soon as possible.

Accepts cash or cheque. We can provide you with a receipt in writing or by email.

If you would like a gift voucher for a loved one we can send you the receipt by email, post, or give it to you.
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Reviews of L New Line Driving School

  • Epic instructor and generally great guy! I am very happy to have Mos as my driving instructor. Thanks to him for making me pass my P's first try!
  • I recommend this service as a first option if you are thinking about either start driving from the scratch or just brush up your skills. A very experienced instructor does his job by the most efficient way. This is a good guaranty you will pass the exam easily!
  • I recommend anyone who is on the quest to receive there license ! Mos was very patient with all of my driving flaws and very quickly fixed them! His tips and techniques are very straight to the point and help full!
  • I came to mo as a completely unexperianced driver but it took only a month fr me to get my licence .he is a very experianced nd patient teacher.i highly recommend him as an instructor.
  • I can highly recommend Mos' L New Line Driving School. I came to Mos as a mature age student with close to zero driving experience, but thanks to his patient approach to teaching I managed to pass my driving test on my first attempt. I appreciated Mos' strong emphasis on road safety and developing defensive driving skills. I thoroughly recommend him.
  • Mos is an exceptional driving instructor. He is friendly, funny, and genuinely wants to help drivers become safe drivers for life. Although I had completed my log book hours, I felt I was not ready for the driving test. But after a few lessons learning safe and defensive driving skills, I am driving better and more confidently.
    I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to brush up on safe driving techniques and pass the test.
    Thanks Mos!
  • Excellent teacher, I passed first go! I'd recommend him to anyone looking to go for their driving test or even just work on their safe driving skills.
  • Mos is a very knowledgeable and patient driving instructor. He concentrates on teaching safe and defensive driving techniques. Coming from India, the rules here in Australia were a little overwhelming to me but Mos was very supportive and patient in his approach. He provides useful tips on safe driving and to be mindful of other drivers and pedestrians on the road.

    I was able to clear my driving test in the first attempt and thanks to Mos for helping me unlearn the lessons from India to be a safe driver on the road.
  • Mos is a fantastic, patient, understanding, and helpful driving instructor. Really helped to calm my nerves before my test! Will definitely recommend him. Couldn't have passed without him
  • I am 25 years old and never got my licence when I was younger. I decided it was finally time to do so and thought it would be a good investment to use a driving instructor. I am so very glad I did and would recommend doing it that way to absolutely everyone. I found Mos through a Google search and picked him due to his good reviews. Mos did everything he said he would do - that is patiently and thoroughly teach me to be a safe and confident driver. He is also extremely friendly and fun to talk to, but most importantly he remains very firm and strict which I appreciated immensely as it ensured I learnt good behaviours from the beginning. He is excellent at reading stress levels and adjusts his lessons accordingly to ensure you always feel okay. His car is also always immaculate. I ended up booking 13 lessons with Mos including getting him to take me for my test. I was very nervous and kept myself awake the night before! But the hour prior to the test with Mos helped me to relax a lot and boost my confidence. I passed first try with a score of 105/100 - more than the starting score! This is because Mos teaches defensive driving techniques and I was awarded bonus points for safe driving skills. I am so happy and thankful to Mos for his dedicated teaching and would recommend him to anybody no matter what age or skill level. Thank you Mos!
  • Mos is a great teacher, he helped me to pass my Ps test on the first go! I wasn't a very confident driver but after a few lessons with him I was feeling much better. He is a lovely man and very patient.
    My brother also had a lesson with Mos and thought he was excellent!
    I would recommend Mos to all
    My friends!
    Thank you Mos
  • Mos is an excellent driving instructor who helped me increase both my skill and confidence as a driver. Mos is calm and patient, and he gives detailed and helpful advice. He is also friendly and easy to get along with.

    I'm very grateful to Mos for making me a safer and more confident driver, and for helping me get my Ps.

    Thanks again Mos!
  • In my opinion (and my family's) I was not the best driver. After driving with Mos I passed my test on the first try! I couldn't believe it. I am a very cautious and safe driver and will use the skills Mos taught me for the rest of my life. Mos is kind, funny, and a great teacher. I would highly recommend him if you want to pass your test!

  • Thank you so much to Moss for helping me achieve my goal of finally obtaining my license at 31! Mos is encouraging, professional, flexible and has taught me driving skills for life.
  • After jumping from one driving instructor to another, I sat down and browse intently for the next one. When I saw L New Line run by Mos, I had the gut-feeling that he will be the last teacher I'll have. And I was not wrong! With his help, I passed the DT!

    He sounded very friendly when I talked to him over the phone. He assessed me and really made me see what I need in order to achieve my goal. I enrolled for a couple of hours of lessons and I saw how patient and helpful he is. He has the deepest intention of making you see how the driving test works so the student will very much be prepared on the big day. He is very experienced.

    I salute this guy! Well done Mos and thank you again for the big help which will greatly impact my career and my personal life! Cheers!

    Jehnee (fr Philippines)
  • Very Happy!
    Mos is a very understanding, great driving instructor, he is extremely patient and supports you completely along the way.
    Everything I could possibly need to know to be a safe and defensive driver he went through thoroughly, and at times of confusion his helpful diagrams got me by.
    I improved my skills dramatically over the short time of learning.
    He helped to calm me down before my test, and of course, I passed on the first go!
    I'd definitely recommend Mos to everyone.
    Thanks for everything mate!
  • Mos is an excellent instructor that not only teaches you to pass your test, but also teaches you to be an all-around better driver. Mos professionally recommended I took out an extra lesson before my exam, which I was very happy to do as Mos's good attitude and jokes help to relieve the stress everyone feels when learning to drive. I passed on my first attempt under Mos, who taught me manual in my own car.
  • I just got my driving license, and I am happy that I have got it by learning to drive right and safe! Thank you, Mos! I couldn't have had a better instructor than you!
    Mos is a great driving instructor who genuinely assesses your ability to drive and suggests the right number of classes to be a good driver. His intentions are not simply to get you through the test but to make you a good driver for your own benefit and benefit of mankind unlike other driving schools that just aims at teaching you cheat codes to pass the test.
    Having been driving in India for a couple of years, I had picked up so many bad habits that was so hard to get rid off. Mos helped me get rid of my bad speed management skills and helped me improve my observation skills. He also got me acquainted to different kind of road conditions- busy roads, complicated intersections, narrow roads, up hills, etc. I am now much more confident as a driver and more aware of my surroundings while driving.
    I would certainly recommend Mos's driving school to people who intend to be good drivers for a lifetime!
  • Mos's diligent instruction and and occasional correction has made me feel confident on the road and this morning I passed my Red P test with a score of 108. I am not as young as most P Platers. had delayed learning to drive as earlier in life I did not need to. Do not let age or anything else stop you from learning with Mos. I recommend this driving school for your young people as they need thorough preparation for being out there, not just passing a test in a known area in good weather conditions.
  • Mos is a great driving instructor, very knowledgeable, patient and supportive. He went through everything I needed to know to be a safe, defensive driver, and under his guidance I improved dramatically. He helped to calm me down before my test, and of course, I passed on the first go. Very happy! I'd definitely recommend Mos to everyone. Thanks for everything!
  • As good as it gets, the best ! After driving in India for 5 + years , I had picked up many bad habits that weren't easy to get rid off. Thankfully enough, Mos was a patient and easy going instructor.With him, there are no shortcuts to success. Thank you Moss for starting from the basics and being supportive all the way !
  • Mos is the best driving instructor you can get. Simply put, there is no one else with such knowledge of safe driving and the perfect teaching style to guarantee a pass on the test and a lifetime of save driving manoeuvres. To top it all off, he is friendly and funny which makes it an enjoyable process. Book a lesson with mos today, you will not be disappointed.
  • Mos is the best driving instructor you can get in Sydney. Not only does he teach you how to drive, but he also teaches you how to drive safely with defensive driving. I took a number of lessons with Mos and was able to pass with a score of 100+. If you are looking for a driving instructor that will not only help you ace your test, but also to be prepared for real world driving, then Mos is the answer.
  • If you are looking for a good driving instructor, Mos is the one to contact!

    I recently moved from Japan to Sydney and had never driven or even practiced before. So, I started from absolutely zero experience in driving.

    The lessons are very well-structured in a way that you can feel you are progressing in your skills each lesson! Mos' instructions are very clear and he has the highest regard for safe driving.

    Also, when I took my test, I noticed that there was not a single route that Mos didn't cover in our lessons. All the routes were very familiar to me and I knew exactly what to do.

    I would recommend Mos to anybody who is looking for a professional and highly experienced driving instructor in the area.
  • Mos is an amazing driving instructor! not only does he teach you how to drive well, and safely but he does it in a way that is easy to follow, understand and put into practice!
    i would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to pass first go and be confident in their driving!! Thanks Mos!
  • Mos is a brilliant driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn or improve driving skills. He is a patient instructor who is willing to continue at your pace. Mos taught me everything I need to know to pass my P's test and I successfully passed on the first go!! He is very thorough and precise in identifying simple mistakes that can improve your driving skills. He enabled me to gain more confidence in my own driving ability and helped me to become a safer driver. Mos also gave me the skills to be more aware of my surroundings on the road. Thank you Mos!
  • Mos is a fantastic instructor and I would recommend him to anyone, especially if like me you are an anxious driver. I had over ten hours of lessons over a few weeks, and my confidence and driving skills have greatly improved. Mos is a calm and patient instructor and always willing to go at your pace, but also provide more challenges when you're ready. He is a true professional in his field. Thanks Mos!
  • Mos is the best at what he does, without a doubt. After having completed 120 hours on my L's I went straight to him without any hesitation after hearing of his great teaching abilities. The time spent with Mos was extremely worthwhile as he taught me everything there is to know on how to successfully pass my P's test. After 8 or so hour lessons with him I was finally ready to attempt me test. Mos was extremely kind and supportive throughout the time spent with me. Due to this I was able to pass my P's test the first time without any problem. I would highly recommend Mos to anyone who wants to be taught everything necessary to pass your P's test and how to be a safe driver!
    Thank you Mos!
  • I found Mos via a Google search and had more than 10 hours of lessons with him. Mos did not only teach me how to pass the driving test, but he taught me defensive driving as well. Mos was very thorough and precise when spotting my driving mistakes and carefully explained them all to me, which I find very valuable. All in all, thanks for the lessons Mos!
  • Mos Shabanz through L New Line Driving School has taught me how to not only pass the driving test, but he's also taught me about defensive driving. I passed my driving test on the first go and learning defensive driving has made me more aware of my surroundings when I drive. He's a straightforward and patient instructor. I would recommend him and his driving school wholeheartedly. Thanks Mos!
  • I found Mos online through a search for local instructors for my driving lessons to convert my Malaysian license to an Australian License. Having viewed his profile on TrueLocal and reading through the various reviews he has online I found that he seems to be a reliable and trustworthy person to go ahead and get classes with him. Initially I wasn't aware that I had many bad habits but after having lessons with Mos, he observed and pointed out my many bad habits which I had picked up in the many years of driving on the road. He prepared me for my driving test, went with me on the day of my test and I passed on my first go. It's not just that I passed the test, I had also learned from him how to drive defensively and be a safer driver on road. Thank You Mos for teaching me and I would definitely recommend Mos to anyone wanting to get their license.
  • The great thing about Mos is that he's not just about helping you pass your driving test, he wants to give you the skills to be a safe driver for life. Mos taught me to pay close attention to everything I'm doing on the road. Before I got lessons with him my progress was very slow but under his guidance I improved in leaps and bounds. Thanks for everything Mos!
  • A great and rewarding experience. Mos was nothing but patient, thorough, precise and made me a confident and safe driver. I had a few lessons with him and they were definitely worth it. I passed my test on the first go with extra points for exceptional safety standards, all taught to me by Mos! He taught me absolutely everything I needed to know for my test and more. Definitely recommend him to everyone who are on their Ls for general lessons or even just fine-tuning for the Ps test. :)
  • I've been nervous about driving for a long time, so I put off getting my license for years. Mos helped me work through my anxiety, and gave me confidence while teaching me to drive safely. After all the work we put in, I passed my driving test on the first try. Thanks Mos!!
  • Mos is an excellent instructor. He taught me defensive driving skills and raised my awareness and confidence on the road. He is patient, friendly and my driving skills improved greatly under his instruction. I would recommend Mos to anyone seeking a driving instructor. Thanks Mos!
  • Great instructor was recommended to me by my friend who also passed in first go, I am a very nervous driver but I passed in the first go with a high score 100 out of 100. Highly recommended! Thanks, Mos! :)
  • Im filipino student and getting my license and found moss which recommended by friends and I was very nervous on the road.moss made me confident driver and defensive driver and he took me for driving test after 8hours driving lesson and I pass in first go in very good results thanks moss you are a great instructor I will recommend it to anyone looking to be safe in road ang getting license :))))))
  • A great teacher he told me to learn defensive driving, he told me how to drive defensivley. I was very nervous but he helped me get through it and I passed my test first go. I had 5 to 6 lessons. Thank you Mos for the lessons, I am now a safe driver on the road. I recommend Mos so you can learn to drive safe and defensively.
  • I have never driven before, never.. I live in berowra waters and started to find it vital to have my drivers licence.. I chose Mos thanks to all the good reviews I've read about him. They are more than true. I had 20 hours of driving, didn't drive with anyone else and passed first go with a score over 100. All this thanks to mos! He made me feel very confident and safe and he truly knows how to teach in the right way. I can recommend new line to everyone that are going for their p's.. Tack s?¥ mycket !!
  • I was a very nervous, reluctant driver until I had lessons with Mos! And I just passed my test!! He's very friendly, patient and most importantly a great instructor. He puts you at ease and teaches you great tips to help you feel at ease and confident to get your license! Have recommended him to friends and will continue to do so.
  • I'm so lucky to come across Mos, he's a great teacher, taught me how to drive properly and defensively.. He taught me how to be aware of my surroundings and prevent accidents and become a safe driver. He makes you feel comfortable with all his nice stories. I took 9 lessons and Mos took me to the driving test as well. I passed my driving test on my first go with Mos with a high score. I definitely recommed Mos. It's hard to find a good teacher especially I'm coming from the Philippines. Thanks so much Mos, will recommend you to my friends! Cheers!
  • I come from a country where road rules aren't exactly followed and so it was a struggle for me to be driving here in Australia. But with Mos' persistent guidance and unwavering patience, I have come to know the do's and don'ts of driving and have now developed a strong sense of awareness of what's happening on the road. Not only that, I passed by practical driving test on my first try! Thank you Mos! I couldn't have done it without you :)
  • Mos from l new line driving school had taught me the fundamentals of being the safest driver possible in many ways. I am a young student with an Indonesian background and he has taught me how to drive defensively and safely. I took the 10 hour package mos took me for a driving test and passed on the first go with top marks 105/100. I recommend Mos to anyone who is willing to learn how to drive safely and defensively. He is a great teacher and instructor, easy going and will make you laugh a lot and will calm you down when you are stressed. My brother and his friends has also passed first go with top marks with Mos. I recommend him to anyone that wish to become a safe and defensive driver.

    Thanks Mos you are a champion!
  • Hi everyone. I don't usually write reviews but for Mos I would gladly do this because I am extremely happy with the way he taught me how to drive here in Sydney. To all those who are looking for the best driving school L New Line is the one. Mos is direct to the point and will point out your faults and will teach you how to do it the right way. He will give you confidence in driving and he will teach you all there is to know. He is very friendly and patient and professional. I tried other driving schools but it was only under Mos that I passed. You will get your moneys worth. Thank you Mos my friend!
  • I find Mos from L New Line Driving really good, easy to understand and easy going. Mos taught me how to drive defensively and became a safer younger driver. Before I had some driving lessons but I didn't learn any of the safe driving techniques. He took me to the driving test and I passed with 105/100 first go. I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn how to be a safer driver. Thanks Mos
  • I found this driving school using Google search and decided to go with it after reading the good reviews and I'm glad that I didn't go anywhere else. I took a package of 5 hours as I already have an overseas license. Given that I have picked up so many bad driving habits from OS, it would have been impossible to pass the driving test without Mos help.
    Captain Mos is a very friendly guy, he jokes a lot to make you feel less stressed. Mos taught me in great details how to drive safely on roads. He gave me detailed instructions on when to indicate, how to perform proper observation checks, driving to speed limits and obeying all traffic rules and signs. Mos trained me in my old crappy manual car and that was very kind of him to accept sitting in my car. So in addition to all the above, captain Mos has improved on my skills in changing gears and to drive on the right gear according to speed. Also, Mos knows the roads where the driving test is performed so during the test I was driving on familiar roads. I needed 90 to pass, however I scored 105 which is a fantastic results. Thanks a lot Mos. Highly recommended.
  • I found Mos driving school on Google and saw all the positive feedback. I decided to have a trial lesson and I was extremely pleased with Mos approach. He is a true professional of his industry. Mos is a greater communicator ( especially when it comes to mistakes), punctual and a pleasure to deal with. After several lessons, I had successfully passed my driving test the first time round. He was very supportive of me all the time and helped me to keep a positive mindset.

    Mos - You are the best!!!

    P.s. Before discovering the magic of Mos, I had failed two tests with another instructor.
  • Mos is the ultimate man to go to for learner driving! He taught me in just 3 lessons how to successfully drive the routes of Hornsby and how to drive safely and defensively. If it wasn't for Mos I wouldn't have passed on the first go! Your the man Mos!
  • If you ever need to learn to drive defensively and pass your driving test on the first go, or need a joke or a stock tip; Mos is your man.
    Great teacher and very professional. Highly recommended.
    After 5 lessons, Mos' teachings put me in good stead to be a safe driver and passed my driving test on the first attempt. I developed good techniques and literally had the whole test course practised.
    Thank you Mos
  • I had my licence for many years but did not drive when I was living in Singapore. I took a Refresher Course with Mos starting with his car and then ours. He is professional and patient with a sense of humour. I would recommend Mos to anyone who requires driving lessons.
  • After having a horrible experience with other driving school,I came to Mos with much hesitation about driving and driving instructors. Not only did he recorrect the mistakes taught to me by other driving school, but he made me feel very comfortable and confident in my driving skills! Although I've completed 10 hours of driving lessons (5 of which with Mos) I'll definitely be coming back to L New Line Driving School to refine my skill as a driver
  • I want to highly recommend Mos for his experience in teaching driving and helping you in getting your Australian Licences. I am thankful that I finanaly found Mos's driving school and got my full licence through his help. I started with other driving instructor first but unfortunately I failed several times so I switched to Mos and he corrected a lot of my wrong driving habits.
    • Oops! I typed my above comments in Chinese and obviously the system couldn't read Chinese and my Chinese comments were shown as "Mosfailmos". Sorry for the confusion. Thank you again, Mos!--Julie
  • I am extremely thankful to Mos. I have a Malaysian License for the past 25 years and never could I imagined the bad habits that I had pick up over the years. I took 5 classes with Mos, he is very patient and his experience speaks for itself. I passed my driving test in the first attempt. Mos is very well verse and his recommendations after the first assessment is sincere and honest. I highly recommend Mos to anyone who wants to learn safe driving and pass the exams.
  • I did 10 lessons with Mos in my own manual car and passed first attempt! He teaches and explains everything you need to know for your test plus everything you need to know so you become safe driver. He teaches with a very calm, patient attitude that keeps you at ease while your learning and is very good at identifying and helping you work on your weaknesses and bad habits. Very highly recommended, thanks Mos!
  • I did a course of lessons with Mos and I passed on the first attempt. It was great that Mos instructed me in my own car which is a 4WD manual and not so easy to drive. He was very thorough, payed attention to detail and coached me on any weaknesses he identified in my driving, and made sure I fixed them. Without his guidance I wouldn't have passed first go in the test. He is a very friendly person with an effective teaching style. My older brother also used Mos and passed first go. Mos was recommended to us by a friend of my brother who also passed first time. I would happily recommend Mos to anyone looking for a driving instructor familiar with the requirements of the RTA testing process.
  • Mos is an entertaining and superb yet thorough instructor, who teaches you everything you need to know for the exam. By learning from him I was able to complete my P-plate exam on the first go with 102 out of 103. He is at the top of the recommendation list. Thank you Mos.
  • I really enjoyed my lesson with Mos. I've been driving in overseas for five years and I got so many bad habits. Mos helped me to become a safe driver.
  • I found Mos through TrueLocal, and given the good reviews I decided to give it a try. Today I drove away with my P-plates after the first go at the driving test, scoring over 100 points, thanks to Mos. He teaches you how to drive defensively, not only for the test but for life-long safety, and will constantly remind you of your driving errors. I took 10 hours with Mos, and 4 hours before the test. The routes he takes you around are pretty much the actual routes during the test. Mos is very friendly, and makes sure he hammers into you good driving skills and test fail items. I would definitely recommend Mos as a driving instructor. All the best, Mos!
  • I planned to take help from them to convert my overseas license to NSW license. Took an assessment class with them. It was for 1 hour but they let me drive for about 40 mins. At the end of it, they advised me to take a package of 10 classes (which they said was at a discounted price). Made me feel as though I shouldn't be touching the wheels on the road let alone drive it.
    • Just to clarify, the 1 hour may include around 15-20 mins of instruction on driving theory especially if one's knowledge of the Australian road rules is below par. The recommendation of 10 classes was based on my own professional assessment of your current driving skill level. I would have recommended less sessions if I thought you wouldn't need so much -- you may check with my other students and you will see that I give different recommendations to different people. Regarding your last comment, sorry you feel that way but I tend to put a lot of emphasis on safe driving habits and behaviour rest assured it's all about making you a better driver and nothing personal. - Mos
    • In all honesty, the 1 hour session did not include any instructions.
      I gave my test less than one week after your "assessment" class because I had already booked it and wanted to give it a shot. For you kind information, I cleared it in the first shot with a score of over 100. So, one of the following must be true for that to happen..
      I'm not saying you were trying to make some quick buck, I'm saying, it didn't work for me and I spent 75 bucks for nothing.

      This is a forum for reviews. Some reviews are good, some are bad. Please accept both.
  • I've just passed my test last week with a score over 100. Mos is an extremely patient and knowledgable teacher. Prior to him, I've had another instructor where I have failed the test. My background is Chinese and Mos was always very good with communicating, if I didn't understand something he would explain it in a different way or draw it for me. Great experience, recommended!
  • I have just started University and needed to get my P's quickly. Mos is an extremely professional instructor, covering everything you need to know in order todrive safely and defensively. I had ten lessons with Mos, and passed my driving test first go, with a high score!
    Highly recommended!
    Thank you Mos
  • Found Mos through TrueLocal as I have had my learners licence for a few years now and needed to proceed.

    After ten lessons covering hazard reactions, driver safety and skills I was able to pass my provisional licence test on my first go with 100!

    Mos even was available to bring me to the RTA and boost my confidence. He was also able to communicate all aspects of what was expected in the test and skills such as defensive driving clearly.
  • Mos at L New Line driving school is a proficient instructor. I had 10 hours of driving lessons in my own manual car and passed with a high score. I learnt a lot, in particular in defensive driving. Definitely reccomended. Thanks Mos!
  • I have had my learners permit for almost a year now. I finally thought it was time I tried to get my P's. coming from Adelaide I was a bit nervous about driving in Sydney, so my decision to use Mos as my driving instructor was a very smart and safe choice. Not only did Mos teach me driving rules, he taught me about safety. I had 10 lessons with him and last week I went for my driving test. Not only did I pass first go, I passed with bonus points. Mos doesn't teach you enough to just pass, he teaches you how to blitz the test. I went into the test feeling confident and safe.. I can't recommend him enough. Thank you so much for everything Mos, not only am I a confident driver, I'm also a very safe one..
  • I am a young Malaysian, who wanted to gain my P's, and found this driving school while searching online. Mos is a very professional driving instructor, and greatly assisted me in developing safe driving skills, allowing me to pass my driving test on my first go. I had previously been to another driving instructor, but he did not provide the same experience that Mos does. Mos is much more organised and thorough in his teaching, and I highly recommend him for any young driver aspiring to learn the skills necessary to drive safely. Thanks Mos!!!
  • I am a french man who is over 25 yrs. My wife and I had our first new born so it was pretty urgent for me to get my license. So I contacted Mos and after 15 hours of driving with him I got my P license at the first go.

    I had a few hours with other people who call themselves driving school but doesn't teach anything. Mos on the other hand is an outstanding driving instructor which make you feel at ease and focus on teaching you how to be a safe driver.
  • I am an Indonesian who have been driving in Sydney for 5 years with Indonesian license. After getting my PR, I need to take Australian driver license. I thought after 5 years I should have been able to pass the driving test easily, but just in case I also wanted to take maybe one or two driving lessons to prepare for the test. My wife got Mos name from this website and I made an appointment for a lesson with him. It turned out that on the first lesson he pointed out several bad, incorrect driving habits. So I took more lessons. I found that Mos teaches good, safe driving skills. He gives invaluable advises regarding many situations we found during the driving lesson. It took me around 10 lessons until Mos said that I'm ready for the test. I took it just this morning, and I passed with high points. Thank you so much, Mos!

    If you are just looking for shortcuts, getting your license the quick, easy way, then I would say Mos is not for you. I believe that driving is a skill, to acquire skill you need practice, and practice takes time. Mos will teach you to get the good driving skill. I would recommend him highly for that.
  • I have been a learner for over ten years before moving to the Hornsby area and deciding i really needed to get my license. I found mos through this site and booked ten lessons.
    Thanks to Mos's patience, knowledge and flexibility, I finally had the confidence to book the test and last week got my P's.
    I Have already recommended to a friend who also passed first go , and would suggest if you are in the area, Mos is the man to call.
  • I am over 25 years old and before taking lessons with Mos I had never driven a car.
    Unfortunately I did not have an opportunity to practice between lessons as nobody was willing to supervise me.
    I took 15 lessons with Mos. I realise that what Mos taught me went far beyond what the RTA's test required and I passed easily first go, with 15 hours of total driving experience.

    Mos was recommended to me, and now I recommend him to you. If Mos books you in for a test, you will pass it.

    Thank you Mos for being fun, caring, patient, and focused on my goal!
  • I'm from Philippines, 28 yrs of age. As a nurse i need to have a license. So I went for a 2 different instructors but it's different with Mos after a couple of hours. He was able to help me how to drive safely, taught me skills about driving. Mos is bubby and friendly. When i went for my test with Mos I passed in one go. So I will recommend him for everyone. Thank you Mos.
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