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  • Lalastar Newbie   1 review
    Have lived in Paris for two years (Rue du Temple, Le Marais) and can assure everyone this is the real deal. The pastries in particular are better than 90% of bakeries in the French Capital, yep I've even tried the French favourites, top 10 eclair lists according to the French newspapers, anyone who thinks La Banette is not as good is just trying to be cool. Beanboy sounds like a local who is sick of the crowds and increasing prices, he is certainly the minority with 96% loving it at Urbanspoon. Staunch La Banette supporter!
  • beanboy Local Star   305 reviews
    This could be a little hidden gem, and it does look like on but looks can be deceiving!

    The smell of old pastry was strong as we sat towards the rear, close to the pies/sausage rolls, meaning they have probably been sitting there for some time. The cakes look nice, but they aren't made real ingredients and taste like they use packet mixes. Which is a shame as it could be a real winner. Its definitely no Bourke Street Baker!

    The coffee was powdery, and bitter and we didnt even finish ours off.

    I liked the look and feel (not the smell) of the place, and the decor is great, but I wouldn't be visiting here again.
  • ann85   28 reviews
    This tiny little bakery on the top end of Glebe Point Road is about as authentic as they come. You walk in to the delicious smell of baked bread and pastries, the sound of French music fills the air and the whole place has the rustic charm of any local French patisserie. I arrive fairly early on a Tuesday morning and already beautiful loaves of artisan bread fill the stained wooden shelves. Next to the coffee machine is a huge flat basket filled to the brim with every Danish pastry you could imagine, blueberry, raspberry, almond, chocolate. While I am there a huge tray of croissants arrives fresh out of the ovens at the back. I order a coffee and sit down. It is a little slow coming considering; there are only a couple of other people in the place. But it is good when it arrives, not too strong with creamy milk.

    I overhear the girl behind the counter tell another customer that there are pies and quiches available at lunch, which I will have to go back for one day. But I do try the mini chocolate croissant. Beautifully brown, flaky but still soft, with delicious dark chocolate inside. Definitely worth a trip, but I would say maybe get them takeaway rather than waiting to be served.

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