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Reviews of La Cucina

  • One of my favourite spots in Menai to take the family. We love coming here on a Friday night. The staff are so friendly and welcoming. The veal is delicious and the Affogatto is aaaahhhmazzing!!! Everything on their menu is a delight but those two are my faves!
  • Stinking hot! Too hot to eat. We asked for ice in our water, it never came. We asked for our menus back so we could use them as a fan. Kids we taking their shirts off!
    And when we asked about it the wait staff just said "you should try working".
    None of us could eat our meal as it was too uncomfortable. We should've just left like we saw others do.
  • This is one of our favourite little restaurants in Menai. The food is sensational and we frequent here regularly and definitely have our favourite signature dishes. We decided to share the field mushroom, topped with feta, olives and some other scrumptous things for entree which I could easily have indulged on myself and not shared, just a stunning dish and we also had the garlic prawns which where delicious. Then the main which we always come here for...... The Seafood Hotpot, filled with heaps of lovely fresh seafood in a red creamy sauce with bread, just sensational ! Really haven't had another that even comes close to the yummyness of this one !. Easy parking, good service, nice decor and FANTASTIC food.
  • This is one of our favourite restaurants. We have never had a meal that wasn't delicious. Friends that we have introduced keep coming back with their friends. Service was a bit slow when they first opened but this was quickly rectified when the patronage increased. Recently they opened one afternoon especially for only 30 of us for an after-funeral get-together, devising a finger-food menu which was outstanding and very reasonably priced. They had not done this sort of function before and we were all extremely impressed by the caring staff and the quality and quantity of the food. Highly recommended.
  • We made a booking for 6/8 for 8 people at 6.30pm. Sounds simple right? When the first of our party arrived there was no booking despite the fact that I had been contacted twice about this. The 2nd time I spoke to them was on 6/8 to confirm the numbers. We all sat down and eventually got a drink. This took a little while and the place was only about 1/3 full at this stage. We requested the much advertised $35 for 3 courses menu. They took a while to take our orders and we had to be at a show at 8.30 but we figured (naively) that we could have 3 courses in 1.5 hours. Who wouldn't? At about 7.55pm we were asked by staff if we still wanted our dessert as we probably wouldn't have time. At this stage we still didn't have our main meals. After some debate we said no we wouldn't bother having them. The main meals then arrived at 8.05. When I asked the staff about the bill and what difference that would make if we didn't have dessert they said we just had to pay the menu prices as we hadn't had the 3 courses. I said I thought 1.5 hours was enough time to serve us 3 courses but they argued with me about what time we had come and said we hadnt arrived till 7.15pm for a 7pm booking. I said no, we (the last of the party to arrive) had arrived at 6.45 for a 6.30 booking. They said it wasnt their fault, it was our fault for not letting them know we had to leave by 8.30. I said I didn't think it was fair to have to pay full price for the meals since we (through no fault of our own) didn't know they could provide them in the time allowed. They were extremely rude - not helpful or sympathetic at all and then blatantly argued with me about the prices. They even pointed out that I should have expected this as it was a "busy Friday night" no, actually I expect good service (which I didn't get) and if you can't provide this, then either put more staff on, or close. All in all a not very nice way to end the meal and I wasn't the only one they were rude to at our table either. Perhaps there could have been some communication from the (different) staff who asked us if we didn't mind skipping dessert? Perhaps they could have pointed out that if we did this then we would have to pay full price, but this wasn't even mentioned. We therefore had to pay a higher price for only 2 courses. This is a shame because it put 8 people (including myself and my partner) offside. Before the problem with the bill my partner and I had remarked how nice the food was and how good it would be to come back again just by ourselves as we live close by. We had chosen the restaurant deliberately because of it's proximity to the Club Menai where we were going. Don't get me wrong - the food was lovely but the service was quite slow, poor and eventually rude. We even had to open our own wine bottle. Not a great problem, but they didn't even offer to open it for us. You may be wondering why I have left it till nearly 2 weeks after the date to post this review. Well, I was trying to be fair to the restaurant and have left two messages for them to contact me about a complaint. I havent had a response, hence the posting. We dont go out to dinner very often but this was a special night for 8 of us and basically it got off to a very bad start. I doubt we will be returning which is a shame as the food was lovely.
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