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Reviews of La Porchetta Restaurant

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  • AdamHillD   4 reviews
    Good restaurant! I;m new to this site, but trying to tell all the places I go that I like them! This is good food
  • Branny Reid   27 reviews
    I really love this restaurant. All the food is scrumptious. Especially the pasta. Service is also fantastic.
  • Tenanye   11 reviews
    One of the most discusting restaurants i've ever been to.
    Food was over-priced and tastes like (for example) canned Heinz spaghetti
  • Sarah@Sevo   4 reviews
    Last time we had takeaway from here (pizza only) both pizza's tasted like the dough had been deep fried.
    Terrible food. Rang the store to ask if they used any particular oil on their pizza, calmly explained why to me it tasted terrible and they just blasted me saying "what do you want???? A refund? Fresh Pizza? What do you want.
    I just replied I wanted nothing than to let you know that your pizza tasted weird and given your response, I won't be tasting it again.
  • kaii   6 reviews
    I've only been here twice but on both times I had the same lady serving me and wow
    she was so nice and got our food to us fast. To her I say thanks (^__^)
    The pizza and pasta was so yummy (^__^)
  • LissaOz   7 reviews
    Not overly impressed... when we first started going it was a little pricy but worth it because the food was great.. though last few times I went I was disappointed.. the food was either burnt or overly salty and took AGES to arrive (minimum amount of servers working).. then to add insult to injury we paid an arm and leg for food we did not enjoy and were even overcharged a few times, word of advice... CHECK YOUR BILL before paying..
  • kaipaipanz   7 reviews
    Dined here a few times and always found it to be great value for money. We usually go for the monday special for all you can eat pizza and pasta.
    We found it family friendly and the pasta and pizzas were great. Staff were also friendly and gave children crayons and papers to colour in.
  • Cmouse   7 reviews
    I have dined only once in this restaurant approximately 9 months ago, and my experience was awful. Ordering a "Vegeterian" pizza, the product was heavily salted, and did not taste fresh. Also, although the service was fast and efficient, I felt ripped off after complaining about the product, and recieving no consoliation. Friends have had different experiences, but I don't dare to return.

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