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Reviews of Laduree Sydney

  • Expensive macarons, but worth every morsel.
  • beanboy Local Star 305 reviews
    WOW - you must go here.

    Laduree has been flown all the way across from Europe. Be prepared to queue, either for take away or dine in. But well worth the wait. Their macaroons aren't cheap (around $4 each), but they are yummy.

    I tried the choc orange cake ($8), which was rather bland, overpriced a small serving.

    The tea for me was the highlight, they have so many different types to choose from, and they are served in lovely Laduree china and vintage silver.
    • Macarons!
    • Agree that their macarons are great but it's such an environmentally unsustainable practice to fly macarons in from across the world on a daily basis.
    • beanboy Local Star 
      Its a hard one to sell, so I apologise. ha

      I thought they make them here in Oz, they have a small kitchen behind this cafe??
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