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Dundas Valley, NSW
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Reviews of Lauriston House Function Centre

    Lauriston house hosted my wedding on the 11th of January 2015, they made everything easy for me. From choosing the meals to colour theming. As soon as my fianc and I walked in we booked straight away, we were attracted to the venue as it was heritage and the fact that it was a one function venue. Our wedding consisted of 170 people and every single person are still raving about there five star food ( the slowly roasted lamb shanks YUM!) and excellent service. My event planner not only helped us with our venue she also offered excellent suppliers to help me with flowers and bridal wear. I couldnt of asked for a better wedding. My dreams really did come true. My wedding was romantic, intimate and classy AND at a affordable price. Lauriston house thankyou so much for making all my dreams come true.
  • I was a guest at Nickola and Johns wedding on Sunday November 30th and I thought l should take the time to write a lovely recommendation. The service, food and ambience were perfect. Its a very warm and intimate venue. Lauriston house have beautiful grounds and l will be sure to recommend Lauriston to friends and family. Great job. Its now evident the reason why this function centre has won wedding venue of the year for 2014. Great job guys.
  • I recently went to Clare's wedding last Saturday at Lauriston House, and can I just say what a wonderful, romantic wedding it was. The food was delicious and food impeccable, I will be definitely referring Lauriston House to family friends. Gorgeous.....
  • LOVED IT LOVED IT!!!!!!!! Such a friendly atmosphere! fantastic food, fantastic grounds, and most of all fantastic staff! Beautiful, classy and elegant my wedding was perfect! Im so glad we had our wedding here. It was the best day of my life
  • Our wedding reception was everything we could have imagined and more. These guys are amazing.
    I am a leader and a control freak I could not even relax at my own hens! But a week before the wedding I asked the MC Paul, what makes the best wedding receptions? He said, 'you relax and let us do our job'. That is exactly what we did! It was the best night of our lives,
    From day one, they helped with choosing the theme, the colours and the cake. They laid out the bonboniere for us, even when we made it complicated and added ballet slippers with sizes!
    On the night, from how we were to walk in, to asking as consistently if everything was ok, to handing the bouquet to the bride when it was time to throw it, to suiting up the groom and handing us our things just before we left, we did not have to think of a thing!
    Some of our highlights of the night were:
    - The MC's amazing singing! He broke out in song our guests loved it!
    - the MC getting everyone to do the wave!
    - The MC!! (Paul)
    - They awarded our flower girl a certificate! She was absolutely perfect and we were so grateful that they recognised that! Something she will remember forever!
    - The MC passing a box of tissues when tears started with the speeches!
    - They added so many extra touches, flowers on the bridal table and right throughout the house!
    - At the last minute I asked The MC for wedding cake and Victoria the owner was waiting outside with slices just before we got in the car!
    We just cannot fault Lauriston House. We are on our honeymoon and are still talking about all the amazing things they did. They just KNEW what to do.
    They are professionals. Ladies, if you are a control freak like me, do yourself a favour and go speak to them. As soon as you walk in you will see the beautiful piano, and the fireplaces, the crystal chandlers hanging from the ceiling, and perfection in every way!
    PS: don't leave without trying their homemade ice cream sundae! Our guests are still talking about that, it was so great it made it on Facebooks comments!
  • I recently attended a friend's wedding at Lauriston House and it was exceptional. I have been to many other function centres and this has to be the best one I have been to. The food was amazing and the service outstanding. We all had an amazing time and I look forward to attending functions there in the future.
  • I attended to a family members wedding, and it was EASILY the best reception i have been to. The lay out and the gardens were beautiful. The staff were friendly, professional and helpful; their service was unbelievable. The food was great. There isn't negative I could say about Lauriston House, it was just perfect
  • Lauriston house.... well well what can I say. You guys are just EXCELLENT! your an allrounder, From, the food to the service to the grounds. I was a guest at the venue one month ago and i had never experienced a function like Lauriston's. The ambience was so romantic with every table candle lite and the foyers were covered in fresh flowers. The food was Divine.... I couldnt believe how tender the lamb racks were and ontop of that the bride and groom had the whole venue and grounds to themselves. which dosent happen often these days as other venues pack different events in. Moreover l recently got engaged!!!! and last week have officially booked my wedding for December 2015. The team were so accommodating. victoria my event co'ordinator has been so helpful and i know my special day will be the best day of my life. Guys if your getting married l recommend Lauriston House!!! Beautiful venue. Well done guys.
  • I Just went to a wedding at Lauriston House, venue is great and it is a great place for a ceremony/reception. The one thing I found very disappointing was the food. I have to eat gluten free due to being a ceoliac. The food I had didn't taste bad it was just boring and lazy. During the cocktail and canape hour there was no canapes that I could eat all had gluten in them, when I asked if there was something they said they would get me something but it never came.

    For Entree I got a big bowl of garden salad which consisted of tomato cucumber and lettuce, since when is being gluten free classed as vegetarian? The bride and groom pay a lot of money surely with the chefs experience they could cook up something. For main I got chicken, like everyone else which was good no complaints there. For dessert I got 3 scoops of sorbet just in a bowl. And lastly it got really annoying having to always ask the waitstaff is this the gluten free meal, and for them to have to walk of and go get mine if I never asked I would of eaten gluten and gotten pretty sick. This happened with every serving I had to ask 3 times to get my dessert, by the time I got my sorbet everyone else had finished and plates where cleaned up.

    At other wedding venues a wait staff/manager will usually find out all the people with dietary requests and look after them. I would love to see in the future Lauriston House put a little more effort to help those with food intolerance. I'm sorry this comes across as a big whinge but I really was disappointing, seeing everyone else get great food and I'm eating a salad.

    If you are a bride and groom planning a wedding here make sure you ask what food will guests get that have food intolerance.

    • Sorry Simone, I totally disagree with your comment. I was a guest at Lauriston House 1 month ago and i have never experienced such excellent service in the hospitality industy. I work in the hospitality industry and i was so fascinated how hands on the staff were. I had 3 diabetics on my table and they received there meals on time. Lauriston house is known for there 5 star food and service. the lamb racks i had were amazing and the homemade ice cream cake toped with caramel Warm sauce. DIVINE! On top of that it was a nice change to go to a function centre where the bride and groom had the whole grounds to themselves which l might add are soo romantic and imaculate. I recently got engaged and will definately be having my function at Lauriston. Excellent service. Keep up the good work guys! Cant wait till December 2015!!! :)
  • A big thank you to Lauriston House for my wedding on 15th Feb 2014.
    When my husband and I were looking around at countless venues, we had agreed that there was one important indicator which would be the decider for OUR wedding, and this was food.
    I had researched and meticulously compared countless packages and I can tell you first hand that there was no competition when it came to the delicious food offered at this venue. Having Portuguese background, not only was it important to taste good, there also had to be adequate portion. The comments from my guests after my wedding was that there was PLENTY of food and the scotch filletmelted in their mouth when they ate it. They had all felt more than satisfied after leaving our wedding.
    For a bride to be that was working a demanding full-time job and had little experience with event planning, i was so grateful to had chosen Lauriston house to be my choice of venue for my special day.
    Everyone was always willing and flexible to help me achieve what i wanted and nothing was too much to deal with. I was able to meet with them around my work hours to discuss details with the MC and events coordinator on how i wanted the night to pan out.
    Victoria and Christine were my main go to people who i could not only make requests but also ask for advice and recommendations and they would get back to me promptly. I practically felt like I didnt need to do ANYTHING for my reception aside from choosing what I liked, it was so EASY!
    I had thought that perhaps there would be a catch to the package as it felt like it was too good to be true, but honestly there was no catch and everything that we were sold was DELIVERED! if I was to do it all over again, I would be going back to Lauriston House in a heartbeat!
    I had dreamt about my wedding being the best day of my life, but it was actually BETTER!. Id like to thank everyone involved at Lauriston House for helping my husband and I have such wonderful memories on our special day from the bottom of our hearts!
    Meriem & Steve

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