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Reviews of Le-Petit Patisserie

  • Totally overrated average coffee
    Mille feuille custard tasted like clag all floury pale don't think an egg had been near it pastry all soft seemed old and stale
    Very limited range
    Would recommend avoiding this place
    Any French pastry chef would be embarrassed by the food
    Won't be back!!
  • Had cause to drop in accidentally Wednesday ( found out later old mate wanted other Friands ? what the ?? ) for Friands ( L P P don't have ) - waitress lady was fun and friendly ( liked west Coast ) Alain was up back doing what he does best !! Will be back soon - no joke had The Opera House ( How You Say ? as de coeur ) and Merangues ( dlicieuse ) Oh and the coffee was le sublime ( Ace!! ) Go Team @ L P P !!
  • Very good place to visit and have something special-bread is great -and cakes authentically French and lovely. Go there when you want good quality and a friendly welcome
  • I ordered a 21 cake the price was set at $40 for a cream sponge .i arrived it wen up to $47 okay I thought I got to my sons party cut the cake no cream a dry sponge. The staff didn't listen to a word I said when I ordered it. I tried to complain great no phone number .extremely disappointed my son big moment cutting the cake and eating it was ruined by them. give it a huge miss that place
  • Conveniently situated at 628 Sturt Street Ballarat. Le Petit Patissier is a small cafe with nice strong coffee and great food, price is cheaper than most other cafes in the area. The option to place your order speaking French was a challenge, and is met with a smile for your try.
    • So its ....Y at-il une reduction Si vous parlez fran├žais ? ( Cheeky Laugh ) !!!
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