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  • mumsrite Local Star   224 reviews
    Unlike the unfortunate experience of previous reviewers, I was lucky that the service I've received at Le Sarab was reasonably good. Food was tasty and fresh, portions were decent. Although I thought that the price of wine was a little steep for its quality on the one occasion I ordered it. Otherwise, it's all good and I'm happy to go back there again.
  • KerrieW   3 reviews
    ***I will never return to this restaurant***

    I have eaten at Le Sarab many times, so I was very excited when I saw that they had a deal on 'Living Social' and snapped one up straight away.

    When I called I was advised that deal purchases could only be used at 6pm. I did explain that due to work I would not be able to make that time and it was not listed on the advertisement so eventually gave me a later booking. I also requested to be seated outside, when I arrived I was not seated outside, I was not even seated in Le Sarab (which was empty both inside and out), rather we were seated at a hideous cafe a few doors down which was also empty. We were squished into a table between others while we looked at other tables that were all empty and had quite a bit more room. This venue was also empty and to say the staff were clueless would be complementing them.

    The food was great, but service was non-existent and the venue that was reminiscent of a strip club, correct music and lighting, just missing the pole. It was disgusting and if I was charged $94 for this meal (apparently the full price) I would have been disgusted and quite possibly lodging a official complaint.
  • winglee Foodie   186 reviews
    Shared some mixed platters here the other day with my partner. At lunch time they are discounted and very good value. Very tasty food, and very filling, We couldn't finish it. Service was good too. Waitress had some strong opinions which is unusual in restaurants, but seeing I agreed with most of them, I didn't mind at all.
  • Moochies Local Star   77 reviews
    The food from this lebanese restaurant is quite good and the general atmosphere and restaurant setting is open and inviting. There is inside and outdoor seating options, and when you are done with your meal you can opt to have a bit of apple flavoured shish...Ive been to this restaurant a few times now and the food has never disappointed. I cant say its mind blowing but no complaints! In regards to the service, its a bit of a mixed bag, I suppose depending on whos working....The first time I ever went ( and this was just after the restaurant opened) the waitress was very friendly and pleasant; unfortunately now that they have been open for a while - the service seems to have gone down a notch - with my recent experience being that the waitress seemed to have an attitude with me and my companions for no apparent reason. We felt rushed as while we were eating our meal she came round and swept the floor around us and as soon as we finished our meal - the same waitress came round and wiped the table top... On its own one might have thought she was really fastidiuos about cleanliness but this plus the negative vibes she was sharing made for an unpleasant and very short dining experience.

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