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Reviews of Leichhardt Medical & Dental Centre

  • Reception is useless - if you think you've been here longer than the others you probably have been forgotten. This has happened to me on a number of occasions and when I've asked about it I've been rudely told to 'just be patient'.

    The doctors are pretty good - Dr Sealy is wonderful and actually takes the time to do a proper examination.

    It's nice that they have bulk-billed medical imaging too.
  • I love Leichhardt medical centre and the fact that they have no appointment system really suits me. Other doctors with appointment systems are often booked weeks in advance, which is no use if I am unexpectedly ill, or it's an emergency and I need to see my doctor that day. I don't mind waiting a while to see my preferred doctor, I just take a magazine and amuse myself. And on the days my doctor is unavailable, I see another GP and have found all the GP's there to be very good. I've been a patient of this practice for nearly 5 years now and I wouldn't consider going anywhere else.

    I have never, ever, seen reception staff be rude to anybody, but I have witnessed cranky patients who are sick of waiting abuse staff on more than one occasion. Waiting times have steadily decreased over the past year and I prefer to attend early in the mornings when waiting times are somewhat less. Sometimes I only have to wait 5 mins.

    I have complex medical needs that my doctor manages brilliantly. Referrals to specialists have also been excellent. There are only 25 reviews here at True Local and that is a very, very small percentage of the total number of patients Leichhardt Medical Dental see. I'm sure there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of very happy patients who just haven't thought to review this practice.

  • The reception staff is so rude and unhelpful!!! The place was packed and I politely asked "when is the best time to come in"? Staff refused point blank to even give me an indication from their experience working there. I told staff I wouldn't hold them to it, I just wanted a rough idea of the busy periods. But no staff quoted this rule and that rule. Staff is awful and I will NEVER go there while that staff is working there.
  • 6 pm on a Monday. 7 people sitting in reception. 3 doctors on. I am into my second hour of waiting.
    • After 6pm there are usually only 2 doctors seeing patients, waiting time can be quite a while. I prefer to attend the practice early afternoons if possible. I usually see Dr Ling (who is fabulous) and typically wait one hour (seldom but sometimes two hours). Walk-in patients who are happy to see the first available doctor are often seen immediately or after a short wait during daytime hours (up to 4pm). This practice can be quite busy, medical care is top notch in my experience (have seen a few other doctors here over the years and all have been quite good. Front counter staff are friendly & helpful in spite of many people bugging them every 5 minutes to find out when they will be seen. If you don't want to wait (is that possible?), I suggest you find someone who doesn't bulk bill and make an appointment with them. Thank you Dr Ling for your fabulous ongoing care, you saved my life at least once and for that I am eternally grateful
  • I love Leichhardt Medical Centre. I never have to wait too long, even though I only see the one GP. Everything is there, including xray, pathology and dental and all is bulk billed. Dr Sealy is thorough and highly recommend him to anyone!
  • Always a horribly long wait and progressively getting longer
  • I have to say this medical centre is the worst one I've been to in the life...reception staffs were very rude. when I asked how many patients in front, staff didn't look at me to answer the question. Keeping me waiting for more than 2hrs!!! And also, their policy is they do not take any appointment! Meanwhile, if you are feeling not well during waiting period, do not even ask how long I should still wait or can I be put through earlier, the staff there will tell you to call the ambulance!!!
  • Waited about 2 mins in reception. Doctor was quick and thorough. after my consultation, I realised I wanted to change my prescription and he took me back in after another 2 minutes and changed it, fuss free. Very easy and well managed experience.
  • Waiting times have grown and grown over the years we have gone there. Before they were poor, now they are much worse.

    The doctors are adequate, yet some do seem to have good connection with excellent specialists, so it isn't all bad. We go there for referrals to better doctors.

    Management would have to be mad not realise patients are kept waiting for hours and hours.

    Drab pictures look down on awaiting room chairs that haven't been changed in twenty years!

  • The doctors here are really excellent and personally I never had a problem with the desk staff. Unfortunately the nature of a drop in medical centre means that there can be a long wait and I don't disagree with other reviews that there could be more doctors on at certain times. But by no means have I waited hours every time I come here, and if you call ahead they are happy to let you know an approximate wait time and you can decide for yourself. As I said, every doctor I have seen here has been great.
    • These guys have many regulars but wont allow bookings. I know of a rural practice which has a fast queue for prescriptions only and charge charge only $10 for the five minutes it takes.

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