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We're a global leader in producing premium chocolate with over 160 years experience.  We take quality, innovation and enjoyment to new levels.  We invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy our delicious chocolate creations.
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Reviews of Lindt Cafe

  • Easternian Local Star 1,121 reviews
    Lindt Chocolate Cafe at the Wynyard area is probably my favourite Lindt shop in Sydney. It occupies a quite large floor area with a fit-out that makes the area feel spacious, as well a very open outdoor area away from the street.

    I went there on my weekday lunch break and there were not too many people as expected, although there was a slight line-up of people wanting to pay and/or make an order. I bought the Fill Your Own Gift Box, which allows you to pick any of the over 32 flavours of Lindt Lindor chocolates and more, until the box is full but can still be closed up. They say you can fit around 55 chocolates there but when I did it last time, I was quite organised and I think I had a lot more!

    The chocolate with cereal (the non-ball one with the green wrapping) is my favourite, with the champagne flavour having very strong liquor taste. Sea-salt caramel was also on the top of my list.

    The staffs are polite and courteous too. Sadly, the cafe's opening hours revolve around the business hours on Monday to Friday only.
  • Their signature hot chocolates are just divine. If your passionate about chocolate and want a new experience, try the lindt cafe! You will never settle for anyone else's hot chocolates!
  • I had quite a pleasant experience at this cafe. They had a great deal of a gourmet sandwich and a chocolate beverage for about $15 - nice one. They even cut the Turkish bread and arrange the sandwich into the shape of a love heart - perfect since I was dining with my girlfriend. The food was delicious and well prepared. It really shows that the staff are passionate about what they do
  • My mother and I went to the Lindt Cafe in Miranda Shopping town and I have to say that it was absolutely awful. We got two of the worst coffees I've ever had and we also got some very ordinary sandwiches. I'm not sure if all the sandwiches are all that bad but stay away from the chicken one. The menu says marinated breast fillet, but as a chef I can definately say that it was neither of these things.
    On the up side i can say that the service and staff are really lovely, and the hot chocolate is truely amazing. So it was probably my mistake to expect lindt to do anything other than chocolate, but then why open a cafe?
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