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Reviews of Living Gas

  • I gave them my portable heater for standard service. After four days they called me back to pick it up. I paid $88 and get my heater back. At home I noticed that my heater is not working very well. The temperature was set to 1C so heater stop heating after a while. Any temperature adjustment has turned a heater off. I brought it back to Living Gas and showed them what is wrong. They promised me to check it and get back to me next day. After two days without any response I called them to ask what is going on. Again the answer was "We will call you tomorrow". I was not surprised that they did not call me again. I had to go there in person to ask what is wrong. They promised me that it will be fixed tomorrow and they will call me. Then I went to four days trip and again did not receive any response from them. When I returned back and went to Living Gas I was told that the electronics inside the heater is gone and I have to pay $120 to fix it. "It happens" they said. "It is not our fault" they argued. After a non-constructive discussion I took my broken heater back and at least get back the service fee $88. So the bottom line is that these guys broke my heater for free. Wohoo, what a service! They didn't take any responsibility for it. Now I have to find someone who can fix it. Brilliant :-/
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  • DXM 2 reviews
    I telephoned Living Gas this morning just after 8am for a problem with my gas hot water heater and they were able to have someone here by 10am. They did an excellent job replacing a faulty part and were very diligent in testing everything before they left. They were very responsible about the job they were doing and very polite people.

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